Every 30-30 season, ranked by club

January 3rd, 2024

The marvel of the 30-30 club is predicated on the rare combination of speed and power it takes to swipe 30 bases and bash 30 homers in the same season. Perhaps no player in the game today possesses that dual-threat ability better than the Braves' . When he hit a grand slam against the Dodgers on Aug. 31, he created a power-speed club all his own as the first player with 30 homers and 60 steals in a season.

Acuña became the first player since the Orioles' in 2021 to go 30-30, and he was joined by three others over the course of the season: , and It marked the fifth time in AL/NL history that four players went 30-30 during the same season.

The feat has been pulled off 69 times in AL/NL history. Here is a team-by-team breakdown of the 30-30 club, ranked in order from the team with the most 30-30 seasons to the least -- there are actually seven teams that have never had someone pull off the feat. (Note: We list franchises together, even if the club moved.)

Giants: 7
Barry Bonds, 1997 (40 HR, 37 SB)
Barry Bonds, 1996 (42 HR, 40 SB)
Barry Bonds, 1995 (33 HR, 31 SB)
Bobby Bonds, 1973 (39 HR, 43 SB)
Bobby Bonds, 1969 (32 HR, 45 SB)
Willie Mays, 1957 (35 HR, 38 SB)
Willie Mays, 1956 (36 HR, 40 SB)

Mays posted the first two 30-30 seasons in National League history, and narrowly missed the mark in 1958 (29 HR, 31 SB) and '59 (34-27). In the twilight of his career, he saw teammate Bobby Bonds accomplish the feat twice with the Giants (en route to finishing his career with five). The younger Bonds later matched his father with his third, fourth and fifth 30-30 seasons in the late '90s -- no other hitter has notched three straight such campaigns. Remarkably, both of the Bonds came within four homers or steals of another 30-30 campaign three times each.

Braves: 6
Ronald Acuña Jr., 2023 (41 HR, 73 SB)
Ronald Acuña Jr., 2019 (41 HR, 37 SB)
Ron Gant, 1991 (32 HR, 34 SB)
Ron Gant, 1990 (32 HR, 33 SB)
Dale Murphy, 1983 (36 HR, 30 SB)
Hank Aaron, 1963 (44 HR, 31 SB)

With that aforementioned grand slam, Acuña became the first player with two 30-30 campaigns through his age-25 season and the 14th player with multiple such seasons. Only Mike Trout put up a 30-30 season at a younger age than Acuña, who did it for the first time during his age-21 season. Aaron's 30-30 season was just the fourth in history, and he came close again in 1968 (29 HR, 28 SB). Gant came close again when he had 36 homers and 26 steals in 1993.

Mets: 6
Francisco Lindor, 2023 (31 HR, 31 SB)
David Wright, 2007 (30 HR, 34 SB)
Howard Johnson, 1991 (38 HR, 30 SB)
Howard Johnson, 1989 (36 HR, 41 SB)
Howard Johnson, 1987 (36 HR, 32 SB)
Darryl Strawberry, 1987 (39 HR, 36 SB)

Lindor added to his Mets legacy with his inclusion on this list, becoming the first Met to join the 30-30 club since The Captain 16 years earlier. And while it might be surprising to see Strawberry's name on this list only once, it should come as no surprise that he also came close in 1984 (26 HR, 27 SB), '85 (29-26), '86 (27-28) and '88 (39-29). Johnson, his teammate for nine seasons, wasn't even an All-Star in '87, when the Mets became one of only two teams ever with two 30-30 players in a season.

Brewers: 4
Christian Yelich, 2019 (44 HR, 30 SB)
Ryan Braun, 2012 (41 HR, 30 SB)
Ryan Braun, 2011 (33 HR, 33 SB)
Tommy Harper, 1970 (31 HR, 38 SB)

Coming off a 73-steal campaign with the expansion Seattle Pilots in 1969, Harper knocked a career-high 31 homers in '70 for the first 30-30 season in the American League since Ken Williams of the St. Louis Browns in '22. Braun's two 30-30 seasons were the only 30-steal campaigns of his career, for which he won the NL MVP Award in 2011. Yelich took home NL MVP honors in 2018 and was the runner-up when he joined the 40-30 club in '19.

Rangers: 4
Ian Kinsler, 2011 (32 HR, 30 SB)
Ian Kinsler, 2009 (31 HR, 31 SB)
Alfonso Soriano, 2005 (36 HR, 30 SB)
Bobby Bonds, 1978 (31 HR, 43 SB)

Bonds posted the last of his then-unheard-of five 30-30 seasons in 1978, starting the year with the White Sox before posting the majority of his homers (29) and steals (37) in 130 games with the Rangers. His five 30-30 campaigns were matched only by his son, Barry, though Soriano also came close with four. The consistent Kinsler's only 30-30 campaigns came in the only two 30-steal seasons of his career.

Astros: 3
Carlos Beltran, 2004 (38 HR, 42 SB)
Jeff Bagwell, 1999 (42 HR, 30 SB)
Jeff Bagwell, 1997 (43 HR, 31 SB)

Beltran actually split his memorable 2004 season between Kansas City and Houston, coming over via trade just ahead of the non-waiver Trade Deadline. Beltran swiped a career-high 42 bases that year, including 28 in just 90 games with the Astros. Bagwell, who was never overly touted for his speed, quietly swiped 61 of his career 202 over the 1997 and '99 seasons.

Dodgers: 3
Matt Kemp, 2011 (39 HR, 40 SB)
Raul Mondesi, 1999 (33 HR, 36 SB)
Raul Mondesi, 1997 (30 HR, 32 SB)

Davey Lopes, Pedro Guerrero and Kirk Gibson all came close, but Mondesi finally became the first Dodger in the 30-30 club with the only 30-steal campaigns of his 13-year career in 1997 and '99. Kemp flirted with the feat in 2009 (26 HR, 34 SB) before achieving it in '11 with a league-leading 39 homers and 126 RBIs to go with a career-best 40 steals. He lost the NL MVP Award to Braun, a fellow 30-30 club member in '11.

Guardians: 3
José Ramírez, 2018 (38 HR, 33 SB)
Grady Sizemore, 2008 (33 HR, 38 SB)
Joe Carter, 1987 (32 HR, 31 SB)

Carter's only 30-steal season of his 16-year career gained him entry to the 30-30 club in 1987 after he came one homer and one steal shy a year earlier. He threatened again a season later (27 HR, 27 SB). Before injuries derailed a promising career, Sizemore was a perennial 30-30 threat, finally achieving the feat in 2008 with career bests in both homers and steals. In 2018, Ramirez added eight steals to his previous season high to join Tommy Harper, Howard Johnson and David Wright as the only third basemen to accomplish the feat.

Nationals: 3
Alfonso Soriano, 2006 (46 HR, 41 SB)
Vladimir Guerrero, 2002 (39 HR, 40 SB)*
Vladimir Guerrero, 2001 (34 HR, 37 SB)*
*Montreal Expos

Guerrero had two 30-steal seasons in his 16-year career, and he made the most of both with a pair of 30-30 campaigns, narrowly missing the fourth 40-40 season in history in 2002. Four years later, following the franchise's move to the nation's capital, Soriano recorded the most homers ever in a 30-30 campaign (his fourth) and registered the most recent 40-40 season before Acuña in 2023.

Phillies: 3
Jimmy Rollins, 2007 (30 HR, 41 SB)
Bobby Abreu, 2004 (30 HR, 40 SB)
Bobby Abreu, 2001 (31 HR, 36 SB)

Abreu's 2001 and '04 campaigns were the finest of his career, representing the two highest homer and steal totals of his 18 seasons in the Major Leagues. Rollins was always a threat on the basepaths, but his power only began to emerge later in his career, culminating in a career-high 30 homers, 41 steals and league-leading triple (20) and run (139) totals in his 2007 NL MVP Award-winning campaign.

Reds: 3
Brandon Phillips, 2007 (30 HR, 32 SB)
Barry Larkin, 1996 (33 HR, 36 SB)
Eric Davis, 1987 (37 HR, 50 SB)

In 1987, Davis joined the 30-30 club in style, becoming the first player to do so with 50 steals (only Barry Bonds and Acuña have joined him since) -- and he only played in 129 games. A season earlier, he was only three homers shy of an astonishing 30-80 season. Davis and Rickey Henderson remain the only members of the 20-80 club. Larkin's 33 homers in '96 were by far a career high, as were Phillips' 30 long balls in 2007.

Rockies: 3
Larry Walker, 1997 (49 HR, 33 SB)
Dante Bichette, 1996 (31 HR, 31 SB)
Ellis Burks, 1996 (40 HR, 32 SB)

The 1996 Blake Street Bombers were the second team in history ('87 Mets) with two 30-30 hitters in the same season. Bichette wasn't so much of a surprise -- he'd posted double-digit homers and steals in the three previous years. But Burks raised some eyebrows with his 30-30 campaign, as he'd stolen a combined 36 bases in the previous six seasons. Walker's 49 homers and 33 steals were both career highs as he won the NL MVP Award in '97.

Yankees: 3
Alfonso Soriano, 2003 (38 HR, 35 SB)
Alfonso Soriano, 2002 (39 HR, 41 SB)
Bobby Bonds, 1975 (32 HR, 30 SB)

Although Mickey Mantle (31 HR, 21 SB) came reasonably close in 1959, Bonds became the first Yankee in the 30-30 club in '75. Rickey Henderson had a pair of 20-80 campaigns, including a 28-homer, 87-steal season in '86, but it was Soriano who ultimately joined Bonds with the first two of his four 30-30 seasons. Since then, Curtis Granderson came closest with 41 homers and 25 steals in 2011.

Mariners: 2
Julio Rodríguez, 2023 (32 HR, 37 SB)
Alex Rodriguez, 1998 (42 HR, 46 SB)

Less than two weeks after Acuña became the first member of the 30-60 club, Rodríguez became the second player to join the 30-30 club in the 2023 season. After posting a 25-25 rookie season in '22, Rodríguez one-upped his power-speed combo with the first 30-30 season by a Mariner since A-Rod in 1998. Many don't associate A-Rod with speed anymore, but he stole double-digit bases in 13 of his first 14 full seasons in the Major Leagues. A-Rod posted lofty homer and RBI totals as a 22-year-old shortstop in 1998, and he also ran wild that season, swiping a career-high 46 bags (but also being caught 13 times), posting one of only five 40-40 seasons in history.

Orioles: 2
Cedric Mullins, 2021 (30 HR, 30 SB)
Ken Williams, 1922 St. Louis Browns (39 HR, 37 SB)

When Mullins hit his 30th home run of 2021, he earned the distinction of being the first Oriole to ever record a 30-30 season, as Williams had his before the O's moved to Baltimore. It became just the latest achievement in a breakout season for Mullins, who struggled in his first two big league stints and was limited to just 48 games in the abbreviated 2020 season, but he found a place in the American League MVP conversation in his first full season despite playing for an Orioles team that took its 100th loss in game No. 147.

Angels: 2
Mike Trout, 2012 (30 HR, 49 SB)
Bobby Bonds, 1977 (37 HR, 41 SB)

Trout took the Majors by storm during his rookie season in 2012, compiling a 30-30 year that hasn't been matched since. Some argue that had it not been for Miguel Cabrera winning the first Triple Crown in 45 years, Trout would've won the AL MVP Award that season. Bonds spent parts of just two seasons in Anaheim, and he made his second count.

Blue Jays: 2
Jose Cruz, 2001 (34 HR, 32 SB)
Shawn Green, 1998 (35 HR, 35 SB)

The 1998 Jays missed the playoffs despite Green posting the first 30-30 season in team history and Jose Canseco coming a steal shy (46 HR, 29 SB) of joining him. The 35 steals were a career high for Green, who hadn't posted more than 16 homers or steals in a season to that point. Cruz more than doubled his previous career high in steals for his 30-30 campaign.

Cubs: 2
Sammy Sosa, 1995 (36 HR, 34 SB)
Sammy Sosa, 1993 (33 HR, 36 SB)

Sosa began his career with decent power and great speed before morphing into the feared slugger that he became in his prime. During his transition, his power and speed came together for a pair of 30-30 campaigns, including his first All-Star season in 1995. Ryne Sandberg had come close in '90 (40 HR, 25 SB), and Corey Patterson came close most recently (24-32) in 2004.

Marlins: 2
Hanley Ramirez, 2008 (33 HR, 35 SB)
Preston Wilson, 2000 (31 HR, 36 SB)

Ramirez burst onto the scene with a pair of 50-steal seasons to start his career, but as his power numbers increased, his stolen-base numbers dwindled, and although he came close in 2007 (29 HR, 51 SB), his only 30-30 season came a year later. Wilson swiped 87 bags in four full seasons with the Marlins, and a career-high total of 36 came in '00.

Pirates: 2
Barry Bonds, 1992 (34 HR, 39 SB)
Barry Bonds, 1990 (33 HR, 52 SB)

Bonds' 52 steals in 1990 were the most in a 30-30 campaign, putting him in an elite group -- he and the Reds' Eric Davis (in '87) were the only members of the 30-50 club prior to Acuña in 2023. Needless to say, Bonds won the first of his seven NL MVP Awards that year, and he repeated the feat two years later, winning another MVP Award in his walk year before joining the Giants in free agency. More recently, Jason Bay, Nate McLouth and Andrew McCutchen have come close.

Red Sox: 2
Mookie Betts, 2018 (32 HR, 30 SB)
Jacoby Ellsbury, 2011 (32 HR, 39 SB)

For as long as the storied Red Sox franchise has been around, it took until Ellsbury's tremendous 2011 campaign, the only season of his career with more than 16 homers, for Boston to finally have a hitter join the 30-30 club. Betts joined Ellsbury in a 2018 season in which he set career bests in both homers and steals. Carl Yastrzemski (40 HR, 23 SB) came close in 1970, as did Nomar Garciaparra (30 HR, 22 SB) in '97.

Athletics: 1
Jose Canseco, 1988 (42 HR, 40 SB)

Forget 30-30 -- how about 40-40? Canseco's memorable 1988 campaign saw him lead the Majors with 42 homers and 124 RBIs en route to the AL MVP Award, and he became not only the first in franchise history to 30-30, but he also became the first in AL/NL history to 40-40. Only four others have matched the feat since.

Royals: 1
Bobby Witt Jr., 2023 (30 HR, 49 SB)

As part of his breakout 2023 season, Witt finally made room for the Royals on this list. Kansas City's star shortstop became the seventh player in AL/NL history to record a 30-30 season in or before his age-23 season, pulling in just behind the Mariners' Rodríguez, who joined the club two weeks earlier.

Cardinals: 0
Closest call: Ray Lankford, 1998 (31 HR, 26 SB)

For all of their rich history, the Cardinals perhaps surprisingly haven't had a player compile a 30-30 season. Lankford was perhaps the closest to accomplish the feat, coming just four stolen bases shy in 1998.

D-backs: 0
Closest call: Paul Goldschmidt, 2016 (24 HR, 32 SB)

A perennial threat on the bases -- in spite of his size, stature and position -- Goldschmidt stole a career-high 32 bases in 2016, but he did so in a year where he had a power drought, at least by his standards, which is why he's included here. Goldschmidt had clubbed 30 homers in three of his six full seasons entering '18. In an era where clubs are becoming more apprehensive on the basepaths, the D-backs remain one of the most aggressive. Perhaps they won't be without a member for long.

Padres: 0
Closest call: Wil Myers, 2016 (28 HR, 28 SB)

Myers came just two homers and two stolen bases shy of becoming the first player in Friars history to join the coveted club during his All-Star season in 2016.

Rays: 0
Closest call: B.J. Upton, 2012 (28 HR, 31 SB)

Upton put together one of his best seasons in 2012, coming just two homers shy of becoming the first Rays player to join the 30-30 club. Upton's 31 stolen bases that year were impressive, but three times in his career he exceeded 40. His 28 homers in '12 were a personal high, and he clubbed them in the final year before he hit free agency. That offseason, Upton signed a massive multiyear contract with the Braves.

Tigers: 0
Closest call: Kirk Gibson, 1985 (29 HR, 30 SB)

Gibson clubbed a career-high 29 in 1985, coming just one deep fly shy of being the lone Tiger in the franchise's rich history in the 30-30 club.

Twins: 0
Closest call: Corey Koskie, 2001 (26 HR, 27 SB)

No Twins player has come all that close to joining the 30-30 club other than Koskie, who put together his best offensive year in 2001 but didn't reach either of the baselines.

White Sox: 0
Closest call: Magglio Ordonez, 2001 (31 HR, 25 SB)

The six-time All-Star had one of his best seasons in 2001, leading the team with 25 steals. No other White Sox player has come all that close to joining the club, before or since.