In lieu of flowers, Cubs fan asks for this in obit

That's a team-first attitude

January 30th, 2020

For fanbases, championships are often held as a magical accomplishment. In the moment, winning one ring is enough to erase years or a lifetime of disappointment and missed opportunities. There's probably no clearer testament to the healing powers of a championship than the Cubs' 2016 World Series that ended over 100 years of coming up short. Fans were ecstatic. Old sins were forgiven and forgotten in the revelry of the long sought-after title. Even Steve Bartman got a ring.

Yet, at its essence, fandom is an exercise in living in the moment. So, once that recent winner returns to not being the absolute best, that championship-driven grace period ends quite fast. Take the Cubs, for example, once again: Sure, they won in 2016, but now it's also true that they haven't won since 2016. As a fan, that feels like a long time.

For proof that the joy of a World Series is ephemeral, check out the obituary of Joanne DeVrieze, who passed away on Jan. 19. Despite living through much of her team's historic World Series drought, she made it known that she was unsatisfied with the Cubs' ensuing performance. As her dying wish, she asked friends and family to donate to the Cubs in lieu of flowers so they can bolster their bullpen for another postseason run:

When you think about it, Joanne might really be on to something here. What will bring the most happiness to the greatest number of people? Is it a couple pretty flower arrangements to display at her funeral? Is it an Edible Arrangement that only her immediate family will enjoy? Or is it a Cubs roster that will bring a World Series back to Chicago in 2020?

The answer is obvious, and Joanne, in the wisdom of her 95 years on earth, clearly understood utilitarianism well. She also really liked the Cubs and doesn't want you to ever forget that.