Not 1, but 2 pairs of Father's Day shoes for Boone

Four generations featured on kicks customized by Brooklyn artist Andy Friedman

June 19th, 2022

TORONTO -- Aaron Boone is not like a regular dad. He’s a cool dad.

The Yankees' manager showed his flair on Father’s Day, wearing custom-made sneakers that honored his family during New York's 10-9 loss to the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

It was a special combination of interests for the father of four, and the brainchild of a local artist.

“Andy Friedman, an artist out of Brooklyn, made these,” Boone told YES Network. “I’m kind of fired up about it.”

He was so into it that one pair wasn’t enough. Boone sported pregame shoes with images of his father Bob and grandfather Ray at the front, as well as the faces of his brother Bret, his children and himself among other elements. For game time, he wore a more colorful pair, maintaining the family element to it.

The 49-year-old doesn’t downplay the importance of family. He had his wife, Laura, and his daughter, Bella, in Toronto for a weekend in which a lot has gone well for the Yankees.

“It was really cool having them here in Toronto, getting to spend some time with them,” he said. “And then just being here with these guys right now, a lot of them fathers, obviously. Hopefully, we can finish off a really good weekend.”

The Yankees secured their 17th series win of the season in Toronto, though they fell shy of their 10th straight win on Sunday. They’ve looked completely in control through their nine-game winning streak. In Boone’s words, they’ve also looked like a “family.”

“Through it all, whether it’s great times you go through that bring closeness or whether it’s challenging times, if you can get through those, usually it makes you a little bit closer,” said Boone. “And there’s no question that this group is really tight.”