Here's how Duvall's HR became ... a single?

September 23rd, 2021

PHOENIX -- To record his first career 40-homer season, Adam Duvall will need to clear the outfield wall at least 41 times this year. 


So too was Austin Riley and many others who were watching when Duvall appeared to hit his 38th homer of the season during the first inning of a 9-2 win over the D-backs on Wednesday night at Chase Field. The Braves outfielder’s long drive fell over the left-field fence after grazing center fielder Jake McCarthy’s glove. 

Thinking McCarthy might have made the catch, Riley retreated back toward first base and Duvall passed Riley in the process. By rule, Duvall was called out, and what would have been a three-run home run, became a two-run single.  

“As a hitter or runner, you have to be aware of that,” manager Brian Snitker said. “When you have a runner in front of you, you can’t [pass] him. Probably, Austin got a little carried away coming back. That’s just part of baserunning and you have to be aware of that. I don’t think it’s a bad rule at all.” 

This wasn’t the end of the frustration for Duvall, who totaled a projected 786 feet with two singles Wednesday. 

During the eighth inning, Duvall lined a ball off the left-field wall and was ruled out attempting to stretch a single into a double. Snitker confidently challenged the play, but the call wasn’t reversed after umpires in MLB’s replay center reviewed the play.

“I’m sitting there looking on the field [at the video board] and it looked like the umpire was looking at it,” Snitker said. “I was thinking, 'We don’t need New York.' He was clearly safe. I guess, he wasn’t safe enough.”