Futures Game storylines we're most excited about

July 16th, 2022

It’s All-Star Week, and this year the on-field action gets under way a day earlier than usual. The 2022 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game is upon us at Dodger Stadium. Staff members from MLB Pipeline and LasMayores.com weighed in on what they’re most excited to see in the annual top prospect showcase, which is underway right now, streaming live on Peacock.

Michael Avallone, Pipeline editorial/social producer: Seeing the future of baseball displayed on one field at the same time. Some will go on to stardom, others won’t, but the beauty of the sport and the promise of potential is on full display. It’s an actual peek through a portal into baseball’s future.

Jesse Borek, Pipeline content coordinator: The expression of personality and youthful exuberance that the game delivers make it a must-watch. Getting to see the blend of levels in proximity to The Show and personal backgrounds all participating in a game that takes place at a big league park makes it a highlight of All-Star Week. And oh, I can’t wait to see if Shea Langeliers or Elly De La Cruz hits one 500 feet.

Jim Callis, Pipeline reporter: No other event allows the opportunity to see so many of baseball’s best prospects on the field at one time. I can’t wait to see the top of our Top 100 list (Francisco Álvarez, Corbin Carroll, Gunnar Henderson) as well as players climbing their way there (Eury Pérez, Jackson Chourio, Elly de la Cruz).

Willie Cornblatt, Pipeline senior coordinator: The most exciting part of this year’s Futures Game is the top-tier talent. Five of the Top 10 prospects in baseball -- Francisco Álvarez, Corbin Carroll, Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Walker and Anthony Volpe -- will be taking part in the festivities, giving fans an unparalleled look at the elite players who will be baseball’s next big stars.

Sam Dykstra, Pipeline reporter: Francisco Álvarez’s pregame and in-game batting sessions. The No. 2 overall prospect put on one of the BP shows last year in Denver and then homered in the game itself. Now, he’s a year more experienced and a year stronger. What’s possible in an encore? A brighter laser show, perhaps.

Kelsie Heneghan, Pipeline social media coordinator: I’m excited for batting practice. Seeing the game’s top prospects shooting the breeze or talking shop. To see Corbin Carroll watch Francisco Álvarez blast off from the cage. To see future Yankees stars Anthony Volpe and Jasson Domínguez in the same group. Or guys who played together as kids reunite.

Josh Jackson, Pipeline editorial/social producer: My eyes are going to be on very young players who have been putting together outstanding offensive campaigns down at the lower levels. In a year when the Brewers’ Jackson Chourio and the Reds’ Elly De La Cruz have been crushing age-appropriate assignments, how will they handle this opportunity?

Matthew Leach, Pipeline executive editor: For me, it’s the whole scene. The Futures Game is always fun, but it’s especially fun in an iconic venue -- and it’s hard to top Dodger Stadium in that regard. I’m excited to see the future in a stadium where so many great moments of the past took place.

Tyler Maun, Senior editorial/social producer, prospects and MiLB: Having gotten to cover last year’s Futures Game in Denver, the thing that struck me was how wide-eyed and giddy so many of the players there were. The experience of playing in a big league ballpark and on a big league stage for the first time is something that stuns everyone into childlike appreciation. Those little moments of player camaraderie and the shared love of the game are what I’ll be on the lookout for, again, in this year’s edition.

Jonathan Mayo, Pipeline reporter: As fun as the game always is, honestly, I love BP before the game more than just about any single event. After all this time talking about these guys, seeing them on the field all at once and watching them put on a show pregame is pure joy.

Rob Terranova, Pipeline editorial/social producer: What I’m most excited to see at this year’s Futures Game is the camaraderie. You have a group of the best young talent in the game, from all over the globe, and they get the chance to share in this incredible experience in one of the game’s premiere venues. The stars in the making will get their shot to shine in Hollywood that night, together.

David Venn, LasMayores.com executive editor: The Futures Game is always a brilliant showcase with the future of the game in action. This time, I’m particularly interested in seeing Eury Pérez and his 6-foot-8 frame on the Dodger Stadium mound, showing the delivery that has garnered 195 strikeouts in 33 professional starts.