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World Series Game 6: Pederson, Taylor postgame interview

November 1, 2017

Q. You played this game with such energy and emotion, we saw it in Houston and then tonight when you were crossing the plate. Looked like you were saying "pay me!" What was that all about? JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, emotions run high. You kind of black out in a situation

Q. You played this game with such energy and emotion, we saw it in Houston and then tonight when you were crossing the plate. Looked like you were saying "pay me!" What was that all about?
JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, emotions run high. You kind of black out in a situation like that. So I'm going to have to rewatch it to see what I did.
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But, yeah, that's about it.
Q. Your recent stint in the minors, how much did that fuel the fire to come out and perform in the postseason, if given an opportunity, like tonight?
JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, you know, it's never fun being -- I guess that was the first time being demoted. But the league showed me a lot, the stuff I needed to work on. So, yeah, it was very humbling, and I needed to go learn how to hit, basically. So I've still got a lot of work to do, but it's encouraging to see some of the process and all the hard work turn into some results in the game.
Q. Not too many guys get to play in a Game 7 of the World Series, what do you it think it's going to be like? How much are you looking forward to it? How cool is it going to be?
JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, I don't think it's hit me yet. But, yeah, I think you dream about that as a kid. I think it's going to be big for me and I think all of us to just remember it's still a baseball game. You've got to slow it down. Still play the same way that we've been playing all year that got us to here and try to limit the distractions.
Q. Tomorrow is of course the biggest game, but tonight, how do you celebrate with Champ and everybody?
JOC PEDERSON: Well, I don't know, I don't think there's any more celebrating to do. You enjoy it. You try to get a good night's sleep. And come back tomorrow ready to do it again. And, yeah, we're playing for one more.

Q. Why do you think the Dodgers won today?
JOC PEDERSON: I think we won because we have 25 guys all pulling on the same string. We all have each other's backs. You've been watching the Series, it's been quite hectic, emotionally draining, mentally, physically, everything you could think of. And we stick together. And we find a way to produce runs and our bullpen shut them down, and it's a group effort.
Q. Take us through your home run. It was to opposite field. It looked like you actually mishit it?
JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, I didn't think I got it. So I think that's what happened running the bases, it was just a lot of emotions hit me quickly. But, yeah.
Q. Tell us a story about you and your brother. Your brother, whatever you'd like to say, too, I'd like to hear from you, also?
JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, it's just -- he keeps me humble and just makes he realize that it's just a baseball game and there's a lot more to life, too. And he always has a smile on his face, even through stressful situations. So, yeah, I'm thankful to have him in my life.
CHAMP PEDERSON: I just want to say what he just said and what Josh has said. But I have a feeling that everything possible. There's going to be a Game 7, so I just want to say that they'll get it tomorrow, if they can. And I'm not going to say they have it, but I'm just going to say they will find a way. And that they always will, and always have something that will get after it. And they will get where they need to be at, that's them, my guys.
Q. Champ, are you the older brother or younger brother?
Q. There is a story out there that there was maybe an offer of a monetary compensation by a teammate if you went oppo?
JOC PEDERSON: Yeah, I think I've kind of been struggling all year, trying to use the whole field. So people are trying to get me encouraged to using the whole field. And I'm not very good at it. So it was relieving to, I guess, to hit the ball the other way.
Q. Once you guys get the lead, can you guys take us through the final outs. Are you counting outs, what's the feeling inside of you guys, is it intense, is it pressure-filled, describe that, both of you guys?
JOC PEDERSON: I think there's a lot of emotions. Like I said, it's very tense and stressful out there. And we believe in our guys, so we just try to get them a lead for the late innings, and kind of watch them work. But the watching part is stressful.
CHRIS TAYLOR: Pretty much what he said. Just trying to stay in the moment. Focusing on wherever you are at the time, whether it's defense, base running, offense. I think all year nobody's ever looked in the past. You've got to have a short memory in this game. Not get too amped up or taken by the crowd or any of that. And just keep things as simple as possible.
Q. Chris, can you take us to what you were thinking in the sixth inning, in that moment, the pressure that seemed to be on that moment and how you managed to stay calm when your team needed you in that big spot?
CHRIS TAYLOR: Yeah, I was just focused on staying short and finding a way to put the ball in play. He's got electric stuff. That fastball up and really good slider. So I wanted to be as short as possible, not try to do too much or overswing. And find a way to get the bat on the ball and hope for the best.
Q. So many different guys contributed tonight, from the relievers, Bellinger making the pick the first, the big hits. What's it like when your season is on the line and it's such a team effort?
CHRIS TAYLOR: Yeah, that's how it's been all year. At some point in the game it seems like everybody plays a huge part. Like you said, whether it's defense, offense, getting a guy over, a big base-running play. We have a lot of complete players on this team. And there's more than one way to win a game. And I think our team shows that.
Q. The at-bat in the 6th, first and second, nobody out, 1-0 game. Seager and Turner behind you. Do you think at all, "Please, don't give me a bunt sign here"?
CHRIS TAYLOR: I was ready for anything. I know Doc has trust in me to swing it. The majority of the year, in that situation, he's let me hit. So I'm thankful he didn't give me the bunt sign, and I got the job done for him.
Q. When you think about where you are now compared to where you were with your last days at Seattle, this kid from Virginia, former high school wrestler, people are using the word "MVP" now of this series, can you describe your journey in words for us?
CHRIS TAYLOR: It's been awesome. I really haven't had time to reflect on it. I've been so focused on playing baseball. I'm sure once it's all said and done, after tomorrow it will all sink in.
But, yeah, so far it's just been an unbelievable season, playing with these guys. This is a special group of guys. I'm just happy to be a part of it.
Q. Can you just talk about Game 7? It's the stuff that kids dream about.
CHRIS TAYLOR: Yeah, we're going to look at it like just another game, you know, the same approach we've had every day: Come to the park and find a way to win that day. And tomorrow it's going to be the same thing. We're going to come here. Nothing's going to change when we get to the park. We're going to stick to our same routines we've had each and every day. And it's going to be fun.
I'm sure it's going to be a battle. Two teams that really want it. So it's going to be just like every other game, I'm sure. It's going to come down to the end.