Anne in the Stands: Thoughts on being a fan

Segura a bright spot as Brewers struggle through April, May

June 4th, 2013

I just heaved a big sigh. It's not easy to be a good fan when your team is struggling (another big sigh). I am an optimist. As I've confessed before in this column, I grew up in a Chicago suburb in a family of Cubs fans. That alone should have prepared me to shrug off a slumping April and May (not to mention whole seasons of slumping).

Should have, but I confess I am suffering.

OK, so the Brewers let go of a few big-contract players this year. Even so, there's a lot of talent on the roster. I've been to a batch of games. I've seen Carlos Gomez clobber the ball. Watched Norichika Aoki get on base any way possible. Cheered when Ryan Braun nailed one over the fence. Gone crazy when Aramis Ramirez blasted a timely hit. I've seen Jean Segura in action. 

With four or five guys on the roster batting over .300, you'd assume the Brewers had won most of their games. Unfortunately, that's not the case. 

OK, so now I have to put on my optimist hat (another sigh). Check out the league leaders in batting average, hits, triples and stolen bases. As of Tuesday, Segura's batting average was .344, second in the National League. His 75 hits were good for first place. He's stolen 15 bases, ranking him second. Along the way he has hit a whopping six triples (I chose not to comment on his errors. He's young. He'll improve in that category, too). Jean Segura is WONDERFUL.

All the Brewers need to do is keep those other teams from beating them. It sounds so simple. Besides, it's early. Summer just showed up this week. The season is long and full of surprises.  

P.S. I recommend the movie "42." My husband and I enjoyed it very much. Baseball holds a special spot in the history of our country.