Astros players band together to aid Houston

February 19th, 2021

Several Astros players, including , , , , and , have helped organize various charitable efforts in the coming days or launched donation campaigns following this week’s unprecedented winter storm that knocked out power and interrupted water supplies to millions in the Houston area.

Here’s a rundown of the events:

• Bregman and his wife, Reagan, are teaming up with the Astros Foundation and Brothers Produce to distribute bottled water to Houstonians from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. CT Saturday at the Astros Youth Academy in Houston (2801 S. Victory Drive). The event is open to all individuals in the Houston area who need assistance. Distribution is limited to two cases of water per car, while supplies last.

• The Bregmans, along with Michael and Melissa Brantley, Ryan and Kat Pressly, Joe Smith and Allie LaForce, the Astros Foundation, Brothers Produce, the Mayor’s office and the City of Houston will pass out five-gallon jugs of water beginning at 2 p.m. CT Sunday at Butler Stadium (13755 S. Main Street) in Houston. Supplies are limited.

• McCullers and his wife, Kara, have pledged $150,000, beginning with purchasing approximately 400,000 bottles of clean water through an initial $50,000 donation to partner with the Houston Food Bank. The Houston Food Bank will distribute the water. The Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation will partner with several other local organizations that need help during this crisis, including but not limited to getting fresh water, food and veterinary needs to animals in need through Rollin’ Vets, Rescued Pets Movement, Houston PetSet, PetCo Foundation and others.

To support the McCullers’ storm relief fund, click here.

• Correa and his wife, Daniella, have launched a fundraising campaign that will help donate 1,000 meals to law enforcement and public employees, as well as expanding efforts to help families without power, water, food and shelter. Correa will be collaborating with NACC Disaster Services, the Astros Foundation, and Kids Meals Inc. to focus on providing food to underserved Houston-area residents, as well as support during the reconstruction and recovery efforts.

To support the Correa Family Foundation’s relief efforts, click here.