Australia boasts strong arms on WBC '17 roster

Aussie squad highlighted by pitchers with big league experience

February 8th, 2017

The Australian roster for the fourth World Baseball Classic was unveiled Wednesday night, and it has a number of pitchers with experience in professional baseball at the Major and Minor League levels.

That should come in handy in Pool B, which also includes Japan, Cuba and China. Australia's first game is March 8 against Japan in Tokyo.

The Aussies are only 1-8 in World Baseball Classic action, going 0-3 in 2013. Still, they showed improvement in that tournament, allowing 14 runs in three games, compared to giving up 28 in 2009.

:: 2017 World Baseball Classic ::

Australia boasts 11 pitchers who are with MLB teams, highlighted by A's right-hander . The roster also includes former Major Leaguers such as and .

Each team has the option of using the designated pitcher pool (DPP), which works like this: A team can use up to 10 designated pitchers but can't have more than two on its active roster at a time. Those "active" DPs can be replaced at the beginning of each of the next two rounds, but only by another DP. Once a DP has been replaced, he cannot return to the active roster for a subsequent round. Using Team USA as an example, Danny Duffy and are the active DPs for the first round of pool play, so they can be replaced on the roster before the second round or the championship round, but only by one of the team's other DPs. And if a DP joins for the second round, he can be replaced for the championship round, but only by another DP.

The World Baseball Classic runs from March 6-22. In the U.S., games will air live exclusively in English on MLB Network and on an authenticated basis via, while ESPN Deportes and WatchESPN will provide the exclusive Spanish-language coverage. MLB.TV Premium subscribers in the U.S. will have access to watch every tournament game live on any of the streaming service's 400-plus supported devices. Internationally, the tournament will be distributed across all forms of television, internet, mobile and radio in territories excluding the U.S., Puerto Rico and Japan. Get tickets for games at Marlins Park, Tokyo Dome, Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, Estadio Charros de Jalisco in Mexico, Petco Park, as well as the Championship Round at Dodger Stadium, while complete coverage -- including schedules, video, stats and gear -- is available at

:: 2017 World Baseball Classic teams ::


Tim Atherton

Tom Bailey*

, Tigers

Justin Erasmus**

Joshua Guyer**

, A's

Samuel Holland, Angels*

Jon Kennedy, Braves

Steven Kent, Braves

Daniel McGrath, Red Sox**


Chris Oxspring**


Dushan Ruzic

Warwick Saupold, Tigers

Ryan Searle

Samuel Street, Pirates*

Josh Tols

Todd Van Steensetl, Twins

Alexander Wells, Orioles

Lachlan Wells, Twins

Matt Williams

* Active designated pitchers pool

** Designated pitchers pool


Allan De San Miguel, Royals

Michell Nilsson

Robert Perkins, Rockies


Brad Harman

Logan Wade

Mike Walker

Stefan Welch


Michell Dening

David Kandilas

Timothy Kennelly

Aaron Whitefield, Twins