Bartolo's son takes up pitching, 'likes to hit'

January 23rd, 2022

Bartolo Colón's son wants to be a hitter.

That's what Colón, a folk hero in the baseball world because of his entertaining personality and the longevity of his pitching career, said recently per a tweet from Z101 Digital's Héctor Gómez.

Colón, who pitched in the Majors from 1997-2018, said 12-year-old Randy "doesn't run well" and that he's "trying to make him a pitcher." Colón went so far as to say Randy reminds him of former starting rotation mate Matt Harvey with the Mets.

The question that is surely on your mind is: Why would Colón want his son to be a pitcher? After all, Colón hit one of the most glorious home runs in baseball history in 2016 off the Padres' James Shields at Petco Park -- it was a "where were you when?" moment if there ever was one.

Imagine Colón's son taking up the slugging mantle from his father.

Well, based on the video included in Gómez's tweet, Randy might make a pretty decent pitcher. His father was a four-time All-Star and a Cy Young Award winner over an MLB career that spanned more than two decades. So a Colón working on becoming a pitcher seems to make sense.

Maybe we'll all be fortunate enough to one day see the younger Colón as a two-way player, smashing home runs to add to the family total of one, while also dominating on the mound.

Either way, Randy will have many people rooting for him to succeed. Because let's be honest: We want the legend of Bartolo Colón to continue, even if it's through a successive generation.