Swihart takes responsibility on missed catch

April 13th, 2016

BOSTON -- Blake Swihart didn't want to hear about the swirling wind. The catcher took complete responsibility for missing a foul popup that he felt led directly to the Red Sox taking a 9-5 loss to the Orioles on Tuesday night at Fenway Park.

On a 2-1 pitch from Clay Buchholz in the top of the sixth, Mark Trumbo hit a foul pop off to the first-base side of the plate. Swihart simply missed it. Five pitches later, Trumbo was still at the plate and he walloped a game-tying, two-run homer.

"It's a completely different ballgame if I catch that fly ball," said Swihart. "Yeah, it's my fault. We should never have been in that situation. That should have been an out right there, a 4-2 lead."

Could the wind have been a factor?

"No, I just overran it," Swihart said. "I need to stay back on the ball and I need to make that play. I'm not going to make that an excuse, the wind. I need to catch that ball."

Not only did Trumbo homer, but the 7-0 Orioles took the lead later in the inning. They scored four more in the seventh and the Red Sox never got back in the game.

Nobody felt worse about it than Swihart.

"I mean, that's my ball all the way," Swihart said. "Hanley [Ramirez], if he wants to, he can call me off, but that's my ball. I need to be able to make that play, and I've made that play. Tonight, I didn't make it and it cost us."

The Red Sox didn't point any fingers at their catcher.

"You know, the wind's carrying the ball towards the right-field corner. I mean, he goes back to the spot where he's anticipating to receive it and he's drifting with the popup, and it blew just beyond him," said Red Sox manager John Farrell. "Tough break for Blake, obviously for Clay, and it turned into an opportunity for them."

After winning three of their first four, the Red Sox have lost three in a row to fall to 3-4. That makes a misplay like the one Swihart had even more frustrating.

"The wind's swirling out there," said Buchholz. "If anybody had a chance to catch it, it was probably me. I ran over there and felt like [Swihart] had a pretty good read on it. With the wind swirling like it was, those are tough plays for a catcher. That would have been nice to get him out right there; you never know what could have happened after that."