We can't even guess what Blooper is doing

Blooper gonna Bloop

September 30th, 2020

You scan your eyes over the field. The players are doing their thing, and the cutouts remain motionless. But then, your eye catches something ... moving, ever so slightly. What is that -- that vaguely mascot-shaped tree which appeared out of nowhere during Wednesday's Wild Card Series Game between the Reds and Braves?

Ah, but of course: It is Blooper, the Braves mascot. It's unclear if he's in camouflage or has simply been transformed into some sort of swamp creature.

Are those night vision goggles he's wearing?!

Perhaps Blooper just wanted to be able to move around the park avoiding detection. Or, perhaps this is simply part of a long one-man show that Blooper is in putting on and is simply building up suspense before his final reveal.

The Braves' mascot has been one of the most inventive this year, coming up with the kind of longform mascot storytelling that is only possible when there are no fans in the stands.

He's traveled to space:

He's gone back in time (and made a better movie than "300" ever was):

He's put on concerts in a world where live music is on hold:

Does Blooper have access to a community theater's costume closet? Or is simply just the best at doing some arts and crafts under the stadium? And just what is Blooper exactly?

We may never have the answers to these pressing questions. All we do know is to keep your eyes peeled every time the Braves play at home, because you know Blooper will be up to something.