How much does Bobby V miss baseball? Well ...

Meet the Mets ...

March 28th, 2020

No matter how introverted you're naturally inclined to be, there's probably something about your life that you miss in this era of social distancing. Maybe it's your weekly pickup basketball game. Maybe it's settling down each night to some live sports on the television. Maybe it's something as simple as the routine of going into an office filled with other people each day.

Former Mets skipper Bobby Valentine misses baseball and the Mets, in particular. How do I know that? Well, on Saturday, he posted a video of him singing 'Meet the Mets' while displaying a collection of team memorabilia that is at once impressive and possibly a cry for help.

Listen, we've each reacted in our own way to the changes to our everyday lives in recent days and weeks. I could really use a haircut and my sweatpants are probably overdue for a cycle in the washing machine, for instance. Even so, I think we can safely say that Bobby V may well be offering a window into our psyches a couple weeks from now.

There's probably a lot more where this came from.