No ejection? Price explains Saturday situation

Manager: Umps 'let me speak my mind' because new pitcher had unlimited warmup time

May 29th, 2016

MILWAUKEE -- After Reds pitcher Alfredo Simon was ejected for intentionally plunking the Brewers' Chase Anderson with a pitch on Saturday, manager Bryan Price argued with umpires for a solid five minutes. Rare, if ever, do managers get that much time to vent from the men in blue without being tossed from the game.
How did Price get away with it?
"I already thought I was ejected," Price said on Sunday morning. "[Crew chief] Jim Joyce said, 'Bryan, you can stay out here until that pitcher is ready to go and talk about this situation, but we have to get a pitcher in here.' I didn't connect the dots where the warning had to be out in order for the manager to get ejected with a pitcher ejection, so I already thought I was gone."
Reds reliever A.J. Morris had unlimited time to warm up when he replaced Simon, and Price continued his argument with Joyce and home plate umpire James Hoye off to the side of home plate.
The benches weren't warned after Anderson hit Simon with a pitch in the fourth inning while Tyler Holt attempted to steal home.

On May 13, Price served a one-game suspension during a game vs. the Phillies as punishment for Ross Ohlendorf hitting the Pirates' David Freese after benches were warned. Ohlendorf successfully appealed last week, and his three-game suspension was rescinded.
"When I saw Simon go, I thought, 'This is another one of these things,'" Price said. "They rescinded the fine and suspension on Ohlendorf, but I still sat out for a game. I told Jim, 'So I'm going to miss another game? I already missed a game.' He said, 'No Bryan, you're not ejected.' They had already metered out the penalty by getting Simon out of there. There was no urgency with all the time it would take to get Morris ready. So they let me speak my mind."