Bryce 🤯 after BP knock hits ball in midair

April 27th, 2021

Batting practice is typically a pretty uneventful affair before every game, unless you're watching someone like Giancarlo Stanton smash the ball 500 feet. Players get in the cage, take their swings and get out of the cage. Some run the bases a little bit and some shag flies in the outfield.

Well, BP was anything but ordinary prior to the Phillies' game against the Cardinals at Busch Stadium on Monday night, when hit a ball that actually collided with another ball in midair.

The odds of that happening have to be astronomical.

Harper's reaction was priceless, because he knew just how rare that sort of thing is. The best part is, it was all captured on video -- a ball was being thrown in from the outfield as Harper's drive was headed to the outfield, and they intersected. It's a pretty surreal thing to see. But it's got to be much more surreal if you're the guy who hit the ball.

Harper seems to be locked in, though, as evidenced by his pair of home runs at Coors Field on Sunday afternoon. But there's locked in, and then there's "playing pool using a baseball and a bat" locked in.

It was probably sheer luck, though, right? At least we didn't have another Randy Johnson-bird incident on our hands.