Bubble bursts on scene ... and causes brief delay in LA

September 21st, 2023

With 10 NL West titles in 11 seasons, the Dodgers are used to popping the bubbly in Los Angeles. But what happened Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium gave that an entirely new meaning.

We've seen games halted for all kinds of reasons -- lightning, rain, bees, beach balls, you name it -- but a bubble delay might be a first.

Yes, you read that right.

With a man on and no outs in the top of the third inning, the Tigers' 4-2 victory over the Dodgers was held up ever so briefly by a giant bubble floating through the sky. It was hard to identify at first. Even Dodgers play-by-play announcer Joe Davis seemed momentarily bewildered: "And, uh, what have we got? Something hovering over the field."

Color commentator Jessica Mendoza chimed in: "Is it a giant bubble?"

Indeed it was. But the bubble burst almost as quickly as it appeared, a fitting metaphor for contending teams this time of year.

Dodgers center fielder James Outman kindly assured the umpires that play could resume.

"We're good," he said, giving an enthusiastic thumbs up. "It's a bubble."