You can now live in the house from 'Bull Durham'

Just go buy it, meat

May 1st, 2020
Photo via Redfin

Movies are great escapes. You can enter an entirely new world for two or three or 720 hours and forget about life for a while. Unfortunately, after it's over, you do have to return to business as scheduled.

But what if you didn't? What if you could actually live in that world forever? Well, if you're a superfan of the baseball film "Bull Durham," your wish has come true.

Annie Savoy's house is on the market for a cool $1.15 million. It has 3.5 baths, 4 beds and is described as "hitting it out of the ballpark." Wax poetic about the game you love in the living room, or shoot pool like Nuke and Crash at the real-life Green Room pool bar before going to watch a college baseball game at the original Durham Bulls ballpark.

Have your friends film you trying to pull off that Kevin Costner wink near the stairway until you get it exactly right.

Live out your greatest Minor League movie fantasies. This is your big chance.