Cards awaiting additional results from testing

August 3rd, 2020

As the Cardinals remain quarantined in their downtown Milwaukee hotel for the third day, the team issued a statement Sunday night saying they are awaiting additional results from COVID-19 testing.

The Cardinals don’t anticipate having any updates until Monday, when they are scheduled to leave Milwaukee for Detroit for a workout at Comerica Park. Then they are scheduled to play four games against the Tigers in three days, including a doubleheader Wednesday.

With the schedule subject to change, the information the Cardinals get from the results will determine their next steps. On Saturday night, president of baseball operations John Mozeliak told reporters in a Zoom call that the team has four confirmed positive COVID-19 tests (three players and one staff member). Two of the players tested positive Thursday night, thus setting in motion the eventual postponement of this weekend’s series at Miller Park. The two other positive tests were confirmed Saturday with the results based on MLB’s PCR saliva exams.

On Saturday, the team also had four inconclusive tests (one player and three staff members) -- which are results that are neither negative nor positive and require additional testing. Those people were tested again, and the entire team underwent additional testing Sunday at the hotel. The team was expecting clarity on those inconclusive results Sunday evening. While rapid-exam results conducted at a Milwaukee hospital typically arrive within the same day as the test being administered, the Cardinals know numbers can change as they await results of the saliva samples sent to the MLB lab.

Containment is what the Cardinals are trying to achieve, Mozeliak said on KMOX on Sunday morning.

“In a lot of ways, it’s like what we hear about on the news every day, or what we read about,” Mozeliak said to KMOX sports director Tom Ackerman on his weekly radio show. “You have to flatten the curve before you can move forward. So over the last couple days, we’ve been trending in the wrong direction, and hopefully we get some better news today.”

The Cardinals have continued their contact tracing, which they have done since learning of the two initial positive tests late Thursday night. Those tests, scheduled every other day as part of MLB’s health and safety protocols this season, were taken Wednesday before the game against the Twins at Target Field.

Contact tracing is why the Cardinals anticipated the third player to have a positive test before the results were confirmed. They were able to ensure that player was isolated from the team.

“Contact tracing is essential if you’re trying to understand how to contain,” Mozeliak said on KMOX. “I really feel like what the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team is going through, it’s exactly what schools, businesses, cities, towns and states and, frankly, our country are trying to balance. To get to normalcy, until you have a vaccine, it’s about understanding how to contain. That’s all we can do.

“I’m definitely a believer in the tracing system because a lot of what has come up over time has proved to be accurate. Hopefully we can get some containment on this and take a step forward.”

Players are trying to keep busy as they stay in their hotel rooms. Adam Wainwright posted a series of videos showing some golf trick shots.

Jack Flaherty set up the mattress against the bed frame and threw at it to keep his arm loose, showing his hotel-room workout and throwing session on an Instagram live.