Hale unhappy with Honeycutt yelling at dugout

April 14th, 2016

LOS ANGELES -- D-backs manager Chip Hale wasn't sure what Rick Honeycutt was yelling towards the Arizona dugout after Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was hit by a pitch in the seventh inning, but the very fact that the Dodgers' pitching coach was doing so angered Hale.

In Tuesday's series opener, Arizona's Jean Segura and Nick Ahmed were plunked, while Los Angeles' Yasiel Puig was hit. None of the pitches seemed intentional.

In the Dodgers' 3-1 win over the D-backs on Wednesday, Justin Turner was hit twice while Joc Pederson was hit once. While the incidents didn't seem deliberate -- Turner's seventh-inning plunking came on a breaking pitch -- Honeycutt apparently took exception.

"I guess their pitching coach didn't care for their guys getting hit," Hale said. "It was OK yesterday when our two guys got hit in the wrist, but tonight it wasn't right even though the last pitch that [Jake] Barrett threw was a slider. Pitching in is part of the ballgame, we know that. I'm not going to allow anybody from the other team to yell towards my dugout, whoever he's yelling at. It's not acceptable."

While Turner went to first, Honeycutt and Hale yelled back and forth from their respective dugouts.

Home-plate umpire Brian Gorman walked over to Hale to inform him that both teams were being issued warnings.

"I said that's great, I understand," Hale said. "I just told him I don't appreciate somebody from their dugout yelling at me."

Gorman then made his way over to the Dodgers' dugout to deliver a similar message.

"Brian did a nice job," Hale said.