Runner steals 2B, no throw, still tagged out

This Dominican League trick play is a must see

November 24th, 2020

At first, it seemed like a nice heads-up from an opposing player during Tuesday afternoon's Dominican League game between the Toros del Este and the Leones del Escogido.

Escogido's Luis Liberato (who is currently in the Mariners organization) was stealing second base. He put his head down, slid into the bag and wasn't sure what happened on the pitch. A throw never came to second. Did the batter hit a foul ball? Did the catcher just not throw it?

He asked Toros second baseman Vidal Bruján (who is in the Rays farm system) what had happened. Bruján told him yes, "Foul." Liberato thanked him and started heading back to first.

But, the thing is, it wasn't a foul ball. The catcher had dropped the ball while trying to throw it. And well, Liberato was in trouble.

Was it wrong of Bruján? Maybe. Does that make it any less funny? No. At least Bruján doesn't think so.