Cubbie scare: Sharks swim by Kris Bryant

NL Rookie of the Year posts dramatic video on Instagram

February 5th, 2016

CHICAGO -- Kris Bryant may have given manager Joe Maddon an idea for an in-season stunt -- and also given Cubs fans a scare by swimming with sharks in Hawaii.

Bryant posted a video on Instagram that features at least three sharks very close to the National League Rookie of the Year, who, thankfully, is safely in a protective cage.

Some Cubs fans weren't too thrilled, calling it "so scary" and cautioned Bryant, saying, "Plz don't get eaten." One commenter thought the sharks were lucky Bryant didn't eat them, and suggested he bring teammate Anthony Rizzo next time.

"Don't get ate up Kris," said one fan, and another posted, "Get back in the batting CAGE bro!"

While kdawg128 was enthusiastic about the event -- "Yikes and wow all at the same time!" -- Orangetennis4 posted a sentiment most likely shared by other Cubs fans: "Kris, please stay away from sharks. Thank you -- Cubs Nation."