Inbox: D-backs' thoughts about Trade Deadline

July 4th, 2017

Since I'm assuming the D-backs aren't trading their MLB guys to improve, are they likely to move better prospects or just lower-tier guys?
-- Alex M.

That is the balance general manager Mike Hazen is going to have to find at the Trade Deadline, Alex. With his team having one of the best records in baseball, Hazen will certainly look to improve it for the stretch run. At the same time he has to be mindful of the long-term future. When he was first hired and throughout the offseason one of the words Hazen used most often was "sustainability" and in order to achieve that he felt you needed a strong farm system. To get the help he wants at the Trade Deadline, it would not surprise me if Hazen parts with a better prospect or two, but I think he will be very cautious about just how much he gives up.
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I'm curious who or what positions do you see the D-backs going after if any before the Trade Deadline?
-- Enrique M.

I think they would look to add to the bullpen. The 'pen has been a strength for them this year, but it never hurts to have another piece or two. Ideally, they would like to add a veteran right-handed hitter who could come off the bench. They could also go after an additional starter to create some more depth since they've had to tap into it with the injury to . The injury to Nick Ahmed may prompt them to go after a shortstop. Will they do all of these things? I doubt it, but I think they are the areas they would at least think about adding to.
Does the condition of Chase Field's playing surface have anything to do with the team's feud with the county?
-- Bill M.

I'm pretty sure it does not, Bill. A couple of things: As the summer heats up, the D-backs are forced to close the roof earlier in the day in order for it to be cool by the start of that night's game. Therefore, the grass gets even less sun than usual. In addition, this is the time of year when the winter ryegrass is dying and the summer Bermuda grass has not yet taken a firm hold.