With baby on his chest and drink in hand, dad makes amazing catch

May 1st, 2023

It's no real secret that multitasking comes with the territory when it comes to parenting. Your parents did it, your parents' parents did it, and all the way down the line for generations. Most of it goes under the radar, parents being the everyday unsung heroes that they are, but there are those rare moments when their skills are on display for all to see.

That was the case for one dad at Dodger Stadium on Sunday afternoon with the home team taking on the Cardinals. Tommy Edman lofted a foul ball into the second deck down the first-base line and it resulted in a highlight-reel play you won't see too often.

A Dodgers fan with a baby strapped to his chest and a drink in his left hand used the only other limb he had available to reach up and catch the foul ball on a fly. From the reflective orange shades on his face to the casual catch and displaying of the ball, this dad was the picture of cool all the way through, and the fans surrounding him were not afraid to let him know it.

Although it's a memory the baby won't be cognizant of, they'll at least have the opportunity to watch it back some years down the road and say, "that's my dad!" (or, if they're watching as a teenager, be very embarrassed by the whole ordeal).