College roommates turned NLCS foes

Braves' Swanson, Dodgers' Buehler go way back

October 13th, 2020

The Braves' Dansby Swanson and the Dodgers' Walker Buehler are facing off against one another in this year's NLCS. Swanson went 0-for-1 against Buehler in Game 1 on Monday with a walk and a steal. In his career, the shortstop is 1-for-5 against the Dodgers ace.

But 7 years ago, the two foes were actually on the same side: They both were baseball players at Vanderbilt University. Not only that, they were also freshman roommates. And as is tradition at Vandy, they played in the Freshman College Roommate Newlywed Game. It is, um, a sight to behold.

Things we learned from the 18-year-old freshmen:

• Buehler was "not a big fan of books."

• Swanson's pickup line was -- DS: "Hey, you got a jersey?" Woman: "Why?" DS: "Because I need your name and number."

• Buehler's pickup line was -- WB: "Hey, I'm Walker, what's up?"

• Swanson loved the camera:

Like, really.

• Buehler had some extremely ugly camouflaged crocs and loved dubstep music

Overall, the two did know each other very well and got the high score out of the freshmen that season: 13 out of 20. Great job, guys. Let's see how that plays out during the rest of this series.