David Ortiz is turning his son into Little Papi

'He's got good thunder'

March 24th, 2020

Watch out world: D'Angelo Ortiz, David's 15-year-old son, is coming. Good luck to the pitchers who will have to face him -- especially with dear old dad giving him pointers at the plate.

David recently turned on the camera to show off one of their hitting sessions together, and the tips Big Papi gave could come from no one but the big man himself.

"You ready, you ready, here comes the baseball and ... POW!" Ortiz instructed his son. Sure, maybe there's not a lot of Driveline-style mechanics in the tip, but they seemed to do the trick. Just check out D'Angelo's swing below:

D'Angelo was set to start at third base this season for IMG Academy, with Big Papi giving the greatest possible scouting report to the Boston Globe: “He’s got good thunder. He’s got power. He’s very good defensively."

That thought alone should have teams dreaming of the future when D'angelo will be ready to enter the Draft. Of course, it's crazy that it's even something to look forward to. After all, most Red Sox fans probably remember him like this:

As for D'Angelo, his goals -- like the goals of all children -- are simple. He wants to be better than his Dad. “Once I get to the point where people stop calling me David Ortiz’s son, then that’s when I’m good enough," he said.