Holland works out as Baker Mayfield

He predicts a Browns playoff win, too

January 6th, 2021

Suffice to say, Ohio football fans are feeling pretty good about the Browns right now -- something that is a brand new feeling for the long-suffering fanbase. For the first time since 2002 -- and after 14 10-plus loss seasons along the way -- Cleveland will be playing in the playoffs this weekend.

So, free agent pitcher Derek Holland, who hails from Newark, Ohio, did the only sensible thing: For his offseason workout he put on full Baker Mayfield garb. Yeah, forget all the high-tech workout gear -- the best way to get your heart rate up is to go full cosplay.

Captured by trainer Bobby Stroupe, Holland also predicts that the Browns will win their first playoff game since 1995 and defeat the Steelers by the unusual score of 21-19. (Though unusual, it is not a brand new Scorigami.)

Lest you think Holland is a fair weather fan who only recently jumped on the bandwagon, here he is doing the same thing -- in a different Mayfield jersey -- before a Pirates game in September.

Should Cleveland need an emergency backup quarterback for the game, I think they know who to call.