Jeter shows he's a Hall of Fame dad, too

August 26th, 2023

’s Hall of Fame resume includes 14 All-Star Game selections, five World Series titles and five Silver Sluggers. In his post-playing days, he’s perhaps best known as the ultimate girl dad.

Derek and Hannah Jeter, parents of four kids (three girls), celebrated their oldest daughter’s 6th birthday recently. Of course, the former Yankee had to share his support for his daughter with a post on social media.

Jeter’s affection for his four kids has been well-documented, perhaps most notably in ESPN’s documentary series "The Captain,” which aired in 2022. When he retired after the 2014 season, Jeter and his wife slowly grew their family over the following years. The Yankees legend hasn’t been shy about showing just how much he cares for his family.

Mostly known as "The Captain" and a Hall of Famer to the general public, he's best known to his family as the premier girl dad.