Dodgers get spring gifts on annual Glove Day

February 27th, 2018

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Wilson glove rep Scott Paulson made his annual spring visit to the Dodgers' training camp with a pair of personalized gloves for , knowing in all likelihood Kershaw won't be using them in a game.

"He's had the same glove for years," Paulson said. "It's got a rip three inches long. He won't let it go."

Paulson recalls that shortstop Shawon Dunston used the same glove his entire 18-year career. Craig Counsell's infield glove lasted 12 seasons. Kershaw said he got his glove in 2009, and it has helped him win an MVP Award and three Cy Youngs, so he has no intention of switching now.

"Mine's getting close to its last legs. We'll see how long it can go," said Kershaw. "I'm a creature of habit, I guess. It's special to get new gloves. I remember as a kid, it was like a Christmas present to get a new glove. I just like things that are broken in. If it's still working, why change?"

Among other Dodgers, Wilson delivered a glove to Rich Hill that was designed by his son, Brice, with a Brooklyn Dodger "B" on it. Alex Wood has the initials "C.V.J.T." on his glove, a tribute to two friends that are paralyzed, Chance Veazey and Jonathan Taylor.

's customized outfielder's glove has the initials "DTB," which stands for "Dios te bendiga," or "God bless you" in English

Third baseman goes with the generic.

"What I like about Wilson," he said, "is that you can take it out of the bag and in a day or two take it into a game."