Odd moment reminds Dusty of similar event

July 4th, 2016

WASHINGTON -- Nationals manager Dusty Baker caught the Brewers batting out of turn in the first inning of Monday's 1-0 loss. Ryan Braun singled with two outs, but the lineup Milwaukee handed Baker mistakenly had Jonathan Lucroy hitting third instead of Braun. Thus, Braun's single was taken away and Lucroy was given an out -- with the putout credited to catcher Wilson Ramos.
Baker was reminded by Nats first-base coach Davey Lopes of a similar situation on May 4, 1980, back when the two were playing for the Dodgers against the Phillies in Philadelphia.
With one out in the first inning and runners at the corners, Baker came to bat and bounced into a force out. Phillies manager Dallas Green pointed out, however, that Baker had batted out of turn and it should have been Ron Cey hitting in his spot. Cey was called out, the runners returned to their previous bases, and Baker had to bat again.
Baker remembers getting the same pitch from Phillies starter Randy Lerch, only this time he hit a three-run homer. Green was furious and ended up getting ejected from the game and filed a protest, which was eventually disallowed.
When Braun came up to bat to begin the second inning, Baker admitted to having a flashback.
"I was trying not to have [visions] of him hitting one out of the ballpark, like I had in my past," Baker said.