Heisman vote makes MLB’s No. 4 prospect part of NCAA history

December 10th, 2023

Talk about a big year for LSU sports.

On the baseball side of things, LSU won the 2023 College World Series, its first title since 2009. It did so in dominating fashion, headlined by the historic duo of right-handed pitcher Paul Skenes and outfielder Dylan Crews, the latter who took home the Golden Spikes Award -- which is given to the best player in amateur ball each year.

After helping the Tigers win the title, Skenes was selected first overall by the Pirates, while Crews went second to the Nationals. By doing so, they became the first pair of teammates to be selected first and second overall in the MLB Draft.

It wasn’t just baseball, though, that LSU Athletics excelled at this year. On the football side of things, LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels just took home the Heisman Trophy Award in overwhelming fashion. In the process, Daniels helped LSU sports achieve something that has rarely been done.

According to Todd Politz -- a content manager for LSU Athletics -- Crews (now MLB's No. 4 prospect) and Daniels became the second pair from the same school to win the Golden Spikes Award and Heisman Trophy in a calendar year. They joined Oklahoma State's Robin Ventura and Barry Sanders, who did so in 1988. As far as pairs to do this in the same academic season, Louisville pulled it off in 2016-17 with Brendan McKay and Lamar Jackson.

A stellar year for LSU sports looks even more impressive in the context of what Crews and Daniels were able to accomplish.