Fan flubs try for HR ball, gets redemption

April 20th, 2021

You know what they say: If at first you don't succeed ... toss your glove and try again!

A fan in the left-center-field bleachers at Nats Park was kept busy on Monday night when Cardinals infielder Tommy Edman sent a home run just over the wall. Ready and waiting after deftly hopping over one row of seats, the fan got his glove on the ball but couldn't corral it, and it fell into no-man's land between the fence and the seats.

Visibly frustrated at his error, the fan tossed his glove and sat back down, probably thinking he'd had his chance and flubbed it. But as it so often goes for the players on the field, the ball somehow always finds you after an error.

A chance at redemption came in the fifth inning, when Cardinals outfielder Justin Williams launched one to almost the exact same spot, just a few rows back. This time, he hardly had to move, catching it cleanly in the air.

So he gets to head home with a souvenir after all. Unfortunately, neither one came off the bat of a Nationals player. If history is any indication, there's always next time for this ball-magnet Washington fan.