Fantasy411 chat: Keep or trade Bradley?

May 17th, 2016 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@Naysay05: Should I try and trade Jackie Bradley Jr. or just keep him?

Fred Zinkie: Nothing wrong with keeping him. But exploring the trade market is smart. He may be overvalued right now.

@JagGraf: Who has more upside the rest of the year -- Adam Wainwright or Sonny Gray?

Zinkie: I would rather own Gray. He's younger, and he was stellar for most of 2015.

@chrismoon42: Plesae rank Nomar Mazara, Gerardo Parra and Michael Saunders for the rest of the season.

Zinkie: Mazara, Saunders, Parra.

@sancarlosbrad: What is your prediction on Trea Turner's arrival?

Zinkie: My best guess is early June.

@gerry0587: Should I give up on Prince Fielder?

Zinkie: Yes, you can drop him in a 10-team league.

@DevinRiley83: Should I sell high on Ryan Braun?

Zinkie: Yes, you should explore the trade market with him. His batting average will likely regress, which will impact his rate of production in other areas.

@1022198: Should I hold or drop Dallas Keuchel in a 10-team league?

Zinkie: You should hold. You can bench him for now. But you cannot drop the reigning Cy Young award winner.

@CoryBaker13: In a head-to-head league, is it fair to trade Giancarlo Stanton for Jake Arrieta?

Zinkie: Yes, it is. Arrieta has reached the status to equal a top-10 hitter.

@MarkStormbro: Which player should I drop in a head-to-head points league out of Brett Gardner, Matt Holliday and Colby Rasmus?

Zinkie: I would drop Rasmus in a points league. He is inconsistent, and Holliday's walks help his value in that format.

@spinmaster_vin: How long will Pirates keep Jameson Taillon and Tyler Glasnow in the Minors?

Zinkie: My guess is that we see Glasnow by early June. Taillon may not debut until the second half.

@Dsmack83: I was offered Joey Votto for Maikel Franco. Should I accept trade?

Zinkie: Yes, you should. Votto should heat up at some point. When that happens, he should be much more productive than Franco.

@biggganggg: Should I trade Mike Trout for Daniel Murphy and J.D. Martinez?

Zinkie: No, you should not. You cannot overrate Murphy. He is off to a great start, but he is not a top player.

@BibatJuice: Do you expect Matt Andriese to stay in the rotation for the rest of the season?

Zinkie: I do not. That being said, he can be used in deep-mixed leagues in the coming weeks.

@withoutwaxxx: Is Gray for Jaime Garcia a fair trade?

Zinkie: It is fair. Gray was great in 2015. But he has really struggled this season.

@GrantSutter: Would you rather own Votto or Chris Archer for the rest of the season?

Zinkie: I would rather own Votto. I feel more optimistic that he will get on track.

@Briscodarlin196: How do you rank Jose Quintana, Kevin Gausman, Taijuan Walker?

Zinkie: Quintana, Walker, Gausman.

@MyPriaPism: Would you rather use Josh Harrison or Eugenio Suarez?

Zinkie: I prefer Suarez. He has been inconsistent this season, but the overall production has been good.

@dl321: Should I drop Mike Moustakas for Danny Valencia?

Zinkie: You can make that switch if you need Valencia right now. For the entire season, I still prefer Moustakas.

@ChrisRhude: Would you rather own Anthony Rendon or Addison Russell?

Zinkie: Russell. Rendon scores plenty of runs, but he rarely contributes elsewhere.

@vivaelcarlito: Which player would you try to trade out of Robinson Cano, Russell, and Jean Segura?

Zinkie: Sell Segura. Of the three, he is the biggest regression candidate.

@Briscodarlin196: Would you rather own Avisail Garcia or Cameron Maybin?