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Fantasy411: Week 10 Q&A with Fred Zinkie

June 5, 2017 fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.@FBB1997: Would you drop Adam Jones for Jackie Bradley Jr.?Fred Zinkie: I would stick with Jones. Bradley fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.
@FBB1997: Would you drop Adam Jones for Jackie Bradley Jr.?
Fred Zinkie: I would stick with Jones. Bradley is less consistent, and his ceiling is similar to Jones' typical level.
@PeteCaiola: Should I drop Kyle Seager for one of Marwin Gonzalez, Ryon Healy, Josh Harrison, Mike Moustakas or Nicholas Castellanos?
Zinkie: You should stick with Seager. I know he is off to a slow start, but he is too talented to send to waivers.

@OverhagenColby: What do I do with Carlos Gonzalez?
Zinkie: You need to stick with him. Colorado hitters tend to be very valuable when they get on track.
@nmach10: Should I own Rich Hill or Sonny Gray? Also, which first baseman out of Justin Bour, Chris Davis or Eric Hosmer?
Zinkie: Go with Hill. Also, take the hot hitter (Bour) in a shallow league. But be prepared to grab someone else when he cools off.
@FoggyDew1310: Should I pick up Max Kepler or Domingo Santana?
Zinkie: Pick up Santana. He has more power than Kepler and a similar ability to steal bases.
@PeakEthan: What type of pitching should I get in a trade for Carlos Correa.
Zinkie: Correa is very talented, and he is the reigning AL Player of the Month. You should get Max Scherzer or Chris Sale for him. You can't go much lower than that.

@Fantasymadness4: Should I drop Hill for Sean Manaea?
Zinkie: You can make that switch. Hill has been inconsistent and Manaea has looked very good of late.
@Landon_Cowser: Would you rather own Jose Abreu or Corey Seager?
Zinkie: Definitely Seager. I know that Abreu has hit well of late, but he does not come close to Seager in rest-of-season value.
@johnbue123: When do you expect Amed Rosario to make his debut with the Mets?
Zinkie: My hope is that he debuts at some point this month.
@esfit22: Which player should I pick up out of Ian Happ, Lucas Duda, Logan Morrison, Kepler, Danny Valencia and Whit Merrifield?
Zinkie: In a shallow league such as yours, aim for upside. For that reason, go with Happ. If he continues to struggle, you can swap him out for a veteran such as Morrison.

@MrRbt: Is Cesar Hernandez or Jed Lowrie a better option at second base?
Zinkie: Definitely Hernandez. I know Lowrie has had some good games of late, but Hernandez is a safer source of batting average, runs and steals.
@Baseballfan_sox: Which player do you like most for the rest of the season out of Healy, Devon Travis, Chris Taylor, Harrison, Neil Walker and Merrifield?
Zinkie: For the full season, I would take Healy. But in a shallow league such as yours, I would use the hot hitter (Taylor) for now.
@BaseballBricks: I need steals and batting average. Can I trade Cody Bellinger for Eduardo Nunez?
Zinkie: No, you are giving up too much value in that deal. It's fine to trade for need, but the value has to be fairly even.
@MrP031974: Should I drop or trade Masahiro Tanaka?
Zinkie: You should likely leave him on your bench for now. He is too good to drop, and his trade value is very low.
@rhj_24324: I need a pitcher. Can I trade Michael Conforto for one of Michael Fulmer, Jonathan Lester, Jacob deGrom, Carlos Martinez or Yu Darvish?
Zinkie: Trade him for Darvish. He has the most upside out of that group.
@datITguy: Should I drop Brett Gardner to add Mitch Haniger?
Zinkie: No, Gardner is hitting too well to be dropped in any league. That being said, Haniger should be added in most formats when he returns.
@GeekyBaseball: Should I drop Eddie Butler, Daniel Norris, Jesse Chavez, Josh Tomlin, or Robert Gsellman for Seth Lugo?
Zinkie: Don't make that move today. But drop Tomlin for Lugo if Lugo has success this weekend.
@alexfarkas13: What should you do with Justin Verlander? Trade him? Keep waiting?
Zinkie: You will need to wait. His trade value is low right now. On the bright side, he did have a great start last week.
@ConorKvatek233: Should I cut Ervin Santana for Marcus Stroman?
Zinkie: You can't make that move. I know Santana is coming off a poor start, but he has been so good overall this year.
@drstuck: What are your expectations for Yoan Moncada?
Zinkie: I have high expectations. I expect him to come up this month and be a great asset the rest of the way.
@beisbol268: Please rank Domingo Santana, Matthew Holliday, Travis and Castellanos.
Zinkie: Holliday, Santana, Travis, Castellanos.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.