Lindor's dramatics top Wednesday's GIFs

April 14th, 2016

Here are the top GIFs from Tuesday's games, courtesy of @MLBGifs:

1. Lindor: A man of drama

If anyone is looking to cast a Major Leaguer in an upcoming action movie, how about Francisco Lindor? The Indians shortstop made a demo tape -- and showed his good humor -- after losing a foul ball in one of Tropicana Field's catwalks.

Gif: Francisco Lindor pretends to dodge ball

Look out! Lindor added to his reel with this tumbling reaction to a foul ball lined in his direction.

Gif: Francisco Lindor falls on base paths

 2. Duck, duck loose

A fowl visited foul territory at Wrigley Field as the Cubs took on the Reds.

Gif: See Gif

3. Nothing but good news in Philly

The Phillies' 2-1 victory over the Padres at Citizens Bank Park was only one-half of a double dose of good news for some fans.

Gif: Phillies Fans Get Puppy with Win

4. Not just a one-Story team

Please excuse Nolan Arenado for his enthusiasm, but he just smacked his second home run as part of a four-hit, seven-RBI night against the Giants.

Gif: Nolan Arenado HR

5. Robinson Can-yes-yes-yes

Ever heard of a sweet left-handed swing? Well, this would be one of them. It belongs to the Mariners' Robinson Cano, who used it to launch his fifth home run of the season in Seattle's win over Texas.

Gif: Robinson Cano HR