Giants using last season as motivation for 2018

Spirits elevated entering camp after offseason additions

February 12th, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO -- Though the 2017 season was thoroughly forgettable for the Giants, they intend to let it seep into their memory.

The 64-98 record they posted last year was the franchise's second-worst mark since the team relocated to San Francisco in 1958, "bested" only by the lone Giants team to lose 100 games -- the '85 bunch, which finished 62-100.

Instead of discarding all thoughts of last season, the Giants are using them as a source of motivation that will hopefully inoculate them from another dismal performance. Pitchers and catchers are set to report to big league Spring Training camp on Tuesday -- with their first workout scheduled for Wednesday, followed by the initial full-squad workout on Feb. 19.

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"I think the buzz around the team is definitely a different feel from last year at this point," catcher said. "I think we thought that we looked good on paper last year -- and [the season] turned out terribly. So hopefully that's something we learn from and come into this season with a little bit of attitude -- that we want to fix what went wrong last year."

Said outfielder , the Giants' all-but-official Minister of Attitude: "We can't wait to get back out there and get back to where we belong." That's a reference to the Giants' four postseason appearances between 2010 and '16, as well as their World Series triumphs in '10, '12 and '14.

Giants general manager Bobby Evans reveled in this enthusiasm.

"Part of my excitement is built around the excitement I hear from the players," Evans said.

Manager Bruce Bochy appreciates how players seem to have channeled the dreariness surrounding last season into positive energy.

"They're a little ticked off," Bochy said. "I just love the attitude when you're talking to these guys and where their frame of mind is. It's a good thing as you go into camp."

Such optimism appeared dormant halfway through the offseason. Less than a week before Christmas, the Giants had made no significant roster moves other than selecting right-hander in the Rule 5 Draft. Then, between Dec. 20 and Jan. 22, San Francisco traded for third baseman and outfielder before signing free-agent outfielder . These moves, which involved proven big leaguers, galvanized the Giants.

"I'm grateful that I'm with an organization that is still trying to get back to the pinnacle of baseball," Posey said.

Added Bochy: "I think we are built to win. We definitely have gotten a lot more competitive."