This 1-handed stretch catch by fan is ridic

Somebody give him a non-roster invite

February 24th, 2020

Spring Training is the time for big leaguers to get back in the swing of things, to prepare their minds and bodies for the season ahead. But it's also the time for fans to do the same -- it's been a long few months since we had baseball to cheer about, but one man at Sunday's Rays-Yankees game showed that his technique is already in midseason form:

There are fan catches, and then there are fan catches. Look at that thing! There is genuine hangtime and extension there, not to mention the clean one-handed snag (without a glove, no less). It's enough to remind us of another New York-related grab:

I mean:

I know that Tampa Bay and New York both have pretty stacked outfields, but someone please give this guy an invite to camp.