Neris' new routine rankles rival manager

Extended bullpen warmup causes delays, frustration

September 13th, 2019

PHILADELPHIA -- It happened Friday in New York. It happened again in Wednesday's 9-5 win over the Braves. The Phillies wanted to bring into the game, but he kept throwing and throwing before he finally left the bullpen.

The Phillies said Neris has a new bullpen ritual, which requires extra warmup pitches. But Braves manager Brian Snitker has seen enough.

“They go out and get him, and he just keeps throwing. It’s probably something that’s going to need to be addressed in the future with the league,” Snitker said. “I mean, the guy is told to come, they don’t come in, they just keep throwing, there needs to be a consequence for that. If the reliever gets told to come in the game and he doesn’t come in the game, there needs to be a consequence for it.”

The Braves had runners on second and third with two outs in the eighth when Phillies manager Gabe Kapler wanted to make a pitching change. But first he gestured to J.T. Realmuto to visit the mound, indicating that he needed to buy Neris extra time. After home-plate umpire Roberto Ortiz broke up the extended mound conference, Kapler eventually emerged from the dugout to make a double switch.

Still, Neris continued to throw warmup pitches in the bullpen.

Second-base umpire Lance Barksdale started to make his way out to the bullpen before Neris finally emerged. The same thing happened Friday in New York with umpire Ramon DeJesus making it all the way to the warning track before Neris finally left the bullpen.

“When the umpire has to go all the way out to the bullpen,” Snitker said. “I don’t know, I mean the guy just keeps throwing.”

Will Snitker reach out to the league?

“It’s not my position,” Snitker said. “They see everything. I’ve got bigger fish to fry than that.”

Stay tuned.