Lexi Pence builds Hunter a batting cage

That's one way to stay in shape

April 7th, 2020

Ballplayers have been doing everything they can to stay in shape while in social isolation. For some, that's lifting weights in the garage, or carrying young children around (all parents know that's still a workout). But things can be a little more difficult if you're renting an apartment, away from all the equipment you're accustomed to at home.

Fortunately for Giants outfielder Hunter Pence, he has his wife Lexi to help. The YouTube personality went ahead and built her husband an entire at-home BP cage in their yard.

I wonder if the neighbors are going to enjoy having a Major League display right out their window:

(Click here to check it out if you have trouble seeing it above.)

Now Hunter will have something to do when the two of them aren't holed up playing board games.