Happ takes issue with Gordon's 'absurd' reaction

Yanks lefty drew criticism from Mariners 2B after HBP on hand

May 11th, 2019

responded to 's critical comments from Thursday night before the Yankees' road-trip-opening 4-3 win over the Rays on Friday.

After Happ hit Gordon with a pitch in the right wrist in the Yankees' series finale against the Mariners at Yankee Stadium, forcing him out of the game, Gordon said: "It was the second time he threw up by my head. You’ve got to get that ball down. If you can’t throw that pitch, don’t throw it. I’ve got a family. So you need to get the ball down. That was twice."

On Friday, Happ said in interviews with the New York Post and NJ.com that he understood Gordon's frustration but thought Gordon's criticism was misplaced.

"He was potentially injured, and I don’t know if he will miss time or what, but it was kind of an ignorant comment," Happ said in the interview with the Post. "First of all, it wasn’t anywhere near where he indicated it was, and I don’t have a reputation for that."

Happ added that, "I was disappointed he chose to use those words and that language. It’s a non-issue for anybody who knows baseball. It’s a non-issue."

The 36-year-old left-hander, who played with Gordon's father, Tom, with the Phillies from 2007-08, also told NJ.com that, "I took offense to [Gordon's reaction]. I think it’s absurd."

“I would like to think he was running on emotion when he said it,” Happ said in that interview. “I would like to give him some benefit of the doubt there. I played with his dad. I’ve been doing this for a little while. It’s sort of like an insult thrown at me. Using each side of the plate is the way the game’s been played for the last 150 years. I think it was sort of embarrassing and disappointed that it was even a headline. I would like to think that he regrets saying it, but maybe not.”

Happ told NJ.com that he isn't planning on reaching out to Gordon, and said in the Post interview that he hoped Gordon had had time to reassess the situation the day after.

“Maybe he feels differently now that he has had time to cool off,’’ Happ said. “At least I hope so.’’