Oct. 26 Jake Arrieta postgame interview

October 27th, 2016

Q. You started off a little rocky and then you got it back. How did you turn it around?

JAKE ARRIETA: Well, I think really controlling my effort is when I was able to get locked in. I kind of had my foot on the gas a little too much at the start, trying to do more than I needed to. Then I really got back to just executing good pitches towards the bottom of the strike zone. With the cutter going one way and the sinker going the other way, trying to be as aggressive as I could, and allow those guys to put the ball in play and let the defense work.

I was able to get some strikeouts because of the aggressiveness and not trying to overthrow. I think at least one of the walks in the first was kind of pretty much due to that, and being a little overly amped up, and trying to do more than I had to. But after that inning, I was able to kind of settle down and pitch well from that point on.

Then in the sixth, I think that maintaining a consistent feel and on a night like this with the weather the way it was can be tough. So I tried to keep the body warm and ready to go the best I could.

But our bullpen came in and did a tremendous job. Mike was excellent, as he has been for us the latter part of the season, and obviously with Chapman coming in and getting four outs, you know, to seal the victory for us was really big.

Q. You mentioned the conditions, how did they affect your choices? And how would you compare tonight to that Game 2 you started in Citi Field last year?

JAKE ARRIETA: Pretty similar, I would say. I think the temperature was probably close to what it was at Citi Field. I think keeping my hand as warm as I could in between innings to not lose feel in the fingertips, because for, not even just a starting pitcher, but for a pitcher, you want to have that consistent feel off your fingertips, especially on your breaking ball, to maintain consistency with how you execute those pitches.

So getting on the bike in between innings in the weight room or just continuously moving around to stay loose and stay hot was really what I tried to do throughout the night.

Q. Were you aware that you had a no-hitter going or was it even something that crossed your mind?

JAKE ARRIETA: Yeah, I knew that I hadn't given up a hit all the way to the 6th. It was through 5 1/3. That's really not the focus in a game like this. You really want to try to continue to pile up outs as often as you possibly can. Whether they get a hit or not really doesn't affect the way you continue to approach that lineup, especially with a five-run lead. I wanted to stay aggressive and continue to allow these guys to put the ball in play on quality pitches in the bottom of the strike zone.

So that was a mindset throughout, regardless whether I gave up a hit or not.

Q. There are some big personalities on the team, but what's the Schwarber dynamic? He gets a hit, he yells into the dugout. What's it do for the team?

JAKE ARRIETA: Well, you just look at Kyle, and we've all watched him continue to progress throughout his rehab, and you can't say enough about him. I said this a few days ago, but he's in the training room and the weight room for four, five hours a day. He's in a constant sweat. He's working extremely hard. To even be able to put himself in this position to be on the World Series roster, and to contribute the way he has is remarkable. I've never seen anything like it. I remember hearing Smoltzy comment on the broadcast, and this guy played for 20 years, he said he's never seen anything like it. For a guy to be able to do something like this in his second year is just, you know, I'm kind of speechless.

So it just speaks to the character and the work ethic that Kyle provides, and he's been a tremendous boost for us.