The best movie of year is James Paxton shaving 

Say goodbye to "The Mattingly"

March 3rd, 2020

"Parasite" cleaned up the 2019 Oscars, earning plaudits and love from fans and critics alike. And while we're only three months into 2020, we've already found the film that's going to clean up at next year's Academy Awards. Sorry every other movie.

Katie Jo Paxton, who is married to Yankees starting pitcher James Paxton, just directed the film of the year. Shot on a phone and uploaded to Instagram -- "Wow, so underground, so trendy," many critics will surely say once they hear about this -- the untitled short follows Paxton as he looks out over the city and glumly sets to his task: Shaving his mustache.

With a haunting score and handheld camera work reminiscent of early Danny Boyle, this is the tragedy of the year that you simply can't look away from. Without further adieu, Ms. Paxton's masterpiece:

While the mustache may be gone, we'll forever remember it. After all, Paxton's Photo Day picture features the lip fuzz.