Take a tour of Japan's Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

March 21st, 2023

Walk about 100 steps outside the legendary Tokyo Dome -- home to some of baseball history's greatest moments -- and you'll come across another site holding some of baseball's greatest mementos: Japan's Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Opened in 1959, the museum catalogs not just the growth of the Japanese game from amateur sport to the pros, but highlights women's and youth baseball, as well.

As for the highlights, there's hundreds on display among the handful of rooms.

"It's very hard to squeeze it down to a few," Masanobu Shoji, president of the museum, said. "A few that come to mind immediately are the Japanese sword -- the Katana -- that Sadaharu Oh used for practicing, the Babe Ruth poster that was used for the 1934 series, and with the World Baseball Classic going on right now, the two WBC trophies from 2006 and 2009."

Shoji didn't become the president of the museum until 2019, he knows how excited fans were to see the two World Baseball Classic trophies on display.

"I remember a lot of people coming in following the exhibition of these trophies. I hope that we have a new one in 2023 and we have a whole bunch of new guests fans coming to the museum," Shoji said.

For a deeper look into the collection, either hop on a jet to Tokyo ... or watch the video above.

Thanks to Sho Kurematsu for translation.