José Berríos pitches to ... Javier Báez?!

Báez really is El Mago

April 6th, 2020

Is there anything that Javier Báez can't do? El Mago can hit skyscraping home runs, apply tags as if blessed with ESP and can even give himself tattoos.

Oh yeah, and he has no problem putting on the tools of ignorance and squatting behind the plate to do some catching. (Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised considering he has the MLB logo inked on the back of his neck.)

Of course, when Báez did get behind the dish on Monday, he did it for one of the most electric pitchers in the game: The Twins' José Berríos. Those aren't easy pitches to catch, much less hit.

Unfortunately, this is probably the only way we'll ever see this kind of pairing, because what manager would dare risk Báez behind the dish? Though we can dream that one day we'll see the Cubs' infielder pull off the Bert Campaneris.