Girardi part of MLB's Competition Committee

May 19th, 2017

KANSAS CITY -- Yankees manager Joe Girardi is one of 16 people named to Major League Baseball's revamped Competition Committee.

The Committee includes four managers: Girardi, Buck Showalter of the Orioles, Mike Matheny of the Cardinals and Dave Roberts of the Dodgers. The Committee will study all aspects of the game, which could include more efforts to speed up the pace of the game.

"I was approached in November or December," Girardi said. "I thought it was an opportunity to be more involved in the game. There are thoughts you have that you want to share."

Reconstituted Competition Committee revealed

Girardi said the Committee will operate through conference calls once a month.

"It's to talk about different scenarios on how we all feel the game can be improved," he said. "I think the game is really good right now. But if you're standing still, to me, you're not making progress. Pace of the game is important, and that's always a topic."

Girardi added that he doesn't think any changes proposed by the Committee would be implemented this year.