Hit that 'Follow': Votto joins Instagram, TikTok

March 29th, 2022

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- It took until the year 2022, but Reds first baseman finally jumped into the fray of being a public person on social media.

Votto joined Instagram last week and announced his presence with a stylish video of him morphing into his Reds uniform (something he also posted on a new TikTok account he also recently debuted).

He’s added a few posts since to @joeyvotto, which of course, is verified with the blue checkmark.

Now 38 and entering his 16th season with the Reds, Votto had no previous social media presence and wanted to change that.

“Not enough access to things that I feel like people on social media had access to, and [I was] not part of a community that I think I could probably stand to be a part of,” Votto said on Monday. “I’ve got a silly side to me that I feel like I’d like to be playful with. I’ve thought about it, joining social media. I don’t want to be distracted. I can’t let it affect my performance. If I figure out a way to make sure there is more good than bad, I think I will enjoy it.”

It remains to be seen how often Votto might post videos or photos on Instagram. He currently has no plans to join other social media platforms.

“I think if it’s any sort of distraction, anything that takes away even one iota of energy away from work and performance, I would be really unhappy with it,” Votto said. “I have to figure out how it feeds my energy and how it’s joyful as opposed to a distraction. That’s the equation I need to figure out.”

Votto had a resurgent 2021 season with 36 home runs and 99 RBIs, including a team-record seven consecutive games with a homer in July. Throughout the year, he found more ways to show off the lighter side of his personality -- whether it was wearing a teammate’s football jersey for postgame interviews on Zoom or imitating his favorite character from the TV show, "Ted Lasso," soccer player Jamie Tartt.

On Sunday, Votto shared a post about striking out against former teammate Alex Wood of the Giants the previous day. He also shot a message directly for fans last week. Most of the posting ideas are his, but he has enlisted help with editing video clips.

Like anything Votto does on the field or has said in traditional media, it would be normal to expect most of his posts to be highly thought out, with care and special attention to detail.

“I’m aware of a lot of these things and I have ideas,” he said. “It’s whether or not I’m willing to take the risk on some things I have ideas for.”