Watch Votto's unbelievable barehanded play

June 2nd, 2019

If there's such a thing as an all-hands team, deserves to make it.

In the top of the fourth inning with runners on first and second in Sunday's 4-1 loss, the Reds' first baseman barehanded Nationals outfielder Victor Robles' grounder after it took a weird hop off the infield dirt, then he underhanded the throw to Sonny Gray for the final out of the frame. That saved at least one run, with Washington already up, 2-0, vs. Cincinnati at Great American Ball Park.

“It was great. It was actually, at the time, a huge play in the game," Gray said. "It’s one of those when it’s off the bat, you think it’s a routine out and then it spins, kind of hits the lip and kicks the other way. It was a great play.”