Oct. 15 John Gibbons postgame interview

October 15th, 2016

Q. How do you explain what's gone on with the offense the last two games?

I know one thing, they pitched great. I wouldn't dare take anything from them, that's for sure. Kluber last night, one of the top guys in the game. And Tomlin, he's right up there at the top command guys in baseball. And we faced him earlier in the year, same stuff, picking his spots. He used his breaking ball a lot tonight. It was very effective.

But you look at the two games, both sides, it's been all about pitching. We played a series here earlier in the year, a couple months ago, and you expect more offense, but they were the same kind of game, 2-0, 2-1, if I remember correctly, low-scoring games. And these last two have been just like that.

The pitching has been great on both sides, that's all there is to it.

Q. Do you feel like your guys are not getting any pitches to hit or is the pitching that good on the other side?

Yeah, yesterday's game we put the pressure on Corey. But what the top guys do, they get the knack working out of that, we couldn't put anything on the board. Today, a good piece of hitting by Donaldson after scoring that one run.

But they've got their big weapons in the bullpen. Miller coming in, they get to a certain point, Shaw came in and got a big out, and then Miller, and . It's a nice recipe for them.

But today they held us in check pretty good all day long. But you've got to give Tomlin a lot of credit. We've seen him before. And he was that good. But postseason that's where a lot of guys step up and really make a name for themselves and he did that today.

Q. Down 2-0 can be daunting. What about your team's fortitude and attitude makes you feel like they won't have a problem with trying to come back in Toronto?

I know this group, been with this whole group the last couple of years. And that's never been an issue. The same thing happened last year, fell down the first two games on the road, came back and forced it back to Kansas City. Won a couple of big games at home. Obviously we've got to do that. We play good at home. Get in front of our crowd, maybe that will energize us and maybe get some things going. But our back's against the wall. That's pretty obvious.