Been playing Wordle a while? This iconic broadcaster just found it

August 18th, 2022

Many of us play Wordle, but for most of us, we didn't learn how to play from our favorite broadcaster.

Jon Miller isn’t like most people.

In the bottom of the fourth inning of the Giants’ matchup against the D-backs on Wednesday night, Miller’s mind was blown when he was introduced to the brain game dominating the Internet, setting off a half-inning of fabulous radio.

It started off innocently enough. With Brandon Crawford stepping up to the plate in the bottom of fourth, Miller’s partner Dave Flemming mentioned that both he and Crawford do Wordle as part of their daily routine, with Flemming saying he was “addicted” to the game and that he was envious of Crawford’s record on the game.

As Crawford struck out (hey, at least he has his Wordle record), Flemming mentioned that Crawford starts with the same word every day as a part of his strategy, which piqued Miller’s interest.

The rest is history.

After a quick detour to the app store (don’t lie, we all first looked for Wordle on the app store), Miller ended up on Wordle’s website, where he filled out the board while peppering Flemming with inquiries about the game.

“Do you go up or down?”

“Does it keep your stats?”

“Is getting two letters a good start?”

As Tommy La Stella was locked into a battle with Zach Davies, Miller took his first shot at the puzzle, getting two yellow letters (meaning the letters are in the puzzle, just in a different spot) on his first try.

“That’s not bad at all,” an excited Flemming said in response.

As the inning wore on, Miller began to get texts from friends and family all warning him not to say the answer to the day’s puzzle -- a sensitive topic amongst diehards Wordle players.

While we never found out how Miller did on the puzzle (the answer to Wednesday’s puzzle was twice, for what it's worth), the moment provided us with another example why Miller is one of the best to ever put on a radio headset.

Now someone needs to show MLB Pickle to Miller.