Naylor brothers face off in 'Battle of the Brothers' trivia match

March 23rd, 2022

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- The Naylor family is as competitive as they come, whether it’s on the field or in a quiz about which brother knows the other better. So decided to put them to the test.

“I’m really trying to win this right now,” Guardians catching prospect  said.

“You want to cause problems. You’re really trying to cause problems with us,” Guardians outfielder and older brother  said, with a chuckle.

Here’s how it worked. sat down with both Josh and Bo Naylor separately and asked a series of questions about themselves and the other brother to see who knew the other better.

Let’s see how they fared:

What’s Josh’s favorite TV show?

Bo: "Money Heist." (incorrect)

Josh: "Prison Break."

Who is Josh’s favorite singer?

Bo: OK, it’s definitely not Biggie, not Tupac ... I’m gonna just say Lil Wayne. (incorrect)

Josh: The Weeknd is probably my favorite. Santan Dave is another. He’s a UK artist.

What’s Josh’s favorite cheat meal?

Bo: Schlotzsky’s. (incorrect)

Josh: Sushi.

Bo, following up after hearing Josh’s actual answer: How can sushi even be a cheat day?

What was Josh’s favorite school subject?

Bo: Gym. (incorrect)

Josh: Language or anthropology.

What was Josh’s biggest fear as a child?

Bo: Heights? (incorrect)

Josh: Maybe getting injured in roller hockey or basketball. I didn’t really have any fears.

Who was Josh’s first celebrity crush?

Bo: Oh! Chloë Grace Moretz. (incorrect, according to Josh)

Josh: None. I liked her for her acting.

Did Josh ever get in trouble at school? If so, for what?

Bo: No. (correct)

Josh: Never.

Did Josh have a prized possession growing up that he never went anywhere without?

Bo: No. (correct)

Josh: Nope.

What was Josh’s go-to birthday treat?

Bo: Chocolate cake. (incorrect)

Josh: Cookie cake. Homemade and just get icing and put the number [of your age]. That’s what we do every year.

What would Josh say is his favorite childhood memory?

Bo: Playing for Team Canada in Japan. (incorrect)

Josh: Going to Florida -- we’d do a 24-hour drive from Toronto to Florida once every other year. Go to Disney World and all that. Or making the National Team -- Canadian team.

Where is Josh’s favorite place he’s traveled?

Bo: Jamaica. (incorrect)

Josh: Seoul, South Korea.

As a roommate, what does Bo do to get under Josh’s skin?

Bo: Take over the TV with my video games. (incorrect)

Josh: There will be some times where I’ll do the dishes one day. I have to. We live together so I’ll do it. But I’ll purposely leave like some dishes in there the next day. And then maybe the next day if he didn’t do it. I’ll fill it up. Because we all go by the kitchen every day. So I get him to see it and he’ll look and maybe walk away, and that’s my biggest pet peeve like when he sees it. When he knows I did it last and he doesn’t do it next, that’s frustrating.

What is Josh’s favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

Bo: "Prison Break." (incorrect)

Josh: "The Bachelor." That’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched in my life. I was so against it way back. But after watching a few seasons like this is great. This is the best TV. I would subscribe to Bachelor TV over cable any day. Just strictly Bachelor. That’s all I want. It’s so funny.

Would Josh say he’s book smart or street smart?

Bo: Street smart. (incorrect)

Josh: Mix of both.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny would Josh say he is?

Bo: He’d say 10. (Eye roll, with a smirk) For sure. I’ll give credit where credit’s due. I’ll give him an 8. You know, he gets the job done sometimes. Just those like dad jokes. He’s a funny guy. I’ll give it to him. (correct)

Josh: I’m a 10. He’s not on my level yet. I’m sorry. He’s getting there. I’ll give him one or two pointers here and there. You can’t give him all the secrets, you got to give him one at a time.

If Josh could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Bo: Our granddad. (correct)

Josh: Our great grandfather. All we hear are stories about him and obviously great stories. He raised my mom and that family, they were raised so well and that was passed down to us. So we would like to meet the person who kind of set that stone.

Bo got five questions correct. Now, let’s see how much Josh knew about Bo:

What’s Bo’s favorite TV show?

Josh: He loves anime. That’s his favorite thing to watch. I’m gonna say "Attack on Titan." (incorrect)

Bo: "Naruto." I knew he’d guess an anime show. I just didn’t know if he’d get it right.

Who is Bo’s favorite singer?

Josh: He loves Latin music -- Spanish music. I’m gonna say his favorite Spanish artist is Farruko. (incorrect)

Bo: J. Cole.

What’s Bo’s favorite cheat meal?

Josh: Pizza. (correct)

Bo: Pizza.

What was Bo’s favorite school subject?

Josh: Same as mine, language or anthropology. (incorrect)

Bo: Gym.

What was Bo’s least favorite chore growing up?

Josh: He didn’t do anything. He didn’t have any chores. I did everything. (incorrect, according to Bo)

Bo: Vacuuming. Oh, I hated that.

Bo, after finding out Josh’s answer: You see, right there! He’s always trying to claim that big brother [role]. Oh heck no. He couldn’t list one that he did! (laughs)

What was Bo’s biggest fear as a child?

Josh: He was a fearless child. Maybe snakes? (correct)

Bo: Snakes. Growing up, I was so afraid of them that if you gave me a picture book, I was away from that thing. You couldn’t even see me touching it. It was so bad.

Who was Bo’s first celebrity crush?

Josh: None. I don’t think he had one. (incorrect)

Bo: The girl from "Stomp the Yard."

Did Bo ever get in trouble at school? If so, for what?

Josh: He sat probably in the front of the middle of the class and did all his work. We didn’t really talk in school. We did our work and went to baseball. (correct)

Bo: Never. We were good kids.

Did Bo have a prized possession growing up that he never went anywhere without?

Josh: No. (correct)

Bo: No.

What was Bo's go-to birthday treat?

Josh: Cookie cake. We didn’t have a choice. (incorrect, sort of)

Bo: Cheesecake.

Bo, after the cookie cake was brought up: Yeah, my mom has this tradition that all of our birthdays you must have a cookie cake. So every birthday from however long until now, you’ll see a pictures of all of us just holding a cookie cake. So literally like last month I had one, 22.

What would Bo say is his favorite childhood memory?

Josh: Same as mine, either the drive from Toronto to Florida or making the National Team. (incorrect)

Bo: Competing in the Home Run Derby in 2017 as a high schooler.

Where is Bo's favorite place he’s traveled?

Josh: Jamaica. (correct)

Bo: Jamaica.

As a roommate, what does Josh do to get under Bo’s skin?

Josh: I’ll sometimes get lazy and I’ll fold my clothes and just put them on top of the washer. I won’t bring them in my room. And then the laundry room just gets packed and packed. So that’s probably frustrating when he’s trying to do laundry and all my stuff’s in the way. (incorrect)

Bo: So we have this thing going where he cooks and I usually pick up the dishes. When he cooks, he uses 1,000 dishes. I have no problem doing the dishes but it’s 1,000 every time this guy is making a meal. And trust me, it’s a bomb meal every time, but the number of dishes I got to do ... Oh my God, it’s a lot.

Bo, after finding out Josh’s pet peeve was that Bo doesn’t do dishes: Oh wow! See, that’s crazy. That is crazy because I grind back there.

What is Bo’s favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

Josh: "The Bachelor." He actually watches it with us too. He hated it before. But now he’ll sit down and be like, "Yo Josh, what time’s 'The Bachelor' on today?" I’ll be like "Five o’clock." He’ll be on the couch at 4:55 waiting for you to turn the show on. We love the drama. (correct, mostly)

Bo: I’ve watched "Friends" like three times. … He kind of got me on to the Bachelor. I’ll go with that because that’s not something I’m walking around asking people about, you know what I mean? (laughs)

Would Bo say he’s book smart or street smart?

Josh: Mix of both. (incorrect)

Bo: Street smart.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how funny would Bo say he is?

Josh: He’ll say 10. I’d say 7 for him. (correct)

Bo: I’m a 10. See, I got it down like that. He probably gave me like a 5. I deserve that 10, I’ll tell you what.

If Bo could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Josh: Same answer -- our great grandfather. (correct)

Bo: Granddad.

The verdict:

With eight correct questions, older brother Josh took home the Battle of the Brothers crown.

“He won by just a couple questions,” Bo said. “I’ll take the next one. Come with another set of questions. I’ll be ready.”