Mom's pursuit of passion inspires Giolito

May 9th, 2021

CHICAGO -- and his family were part of José Abreu's historic American League Most Valuable Player Award announcement on Nov. 12, but they weren’t in Florida with Abreu and his family for the celebration.

Instead, the Giolitos were represented by a beautiful portrait of the White Sox first baseman painted by Lindsay Frost, Lucas’ mother, and situated prominently over Abreu’s right shoulder. It was in focus after Josh Donaldson read Abreu’s name and during Abreu's emotional interview on MLB Network.

“That pumped me up,” Giolito told of the painting gifted to Abreu by his mom. “That was really special.”

“It was so moving. And we just love him so much,” Frost said. “Rick [Giolito, her husband] stopped, and he took a picture of the screen on the TV, and then somebody had tweeted it and it was so sweet. [Abreu] is such a lovely human being.”

Frost always had a passion for art and almost went to art school, but she stayed in the family business and became an actress, with 49 credits listed on her IMDB page. They ranged from the movie "Collateral Damage" to television shows such as "Frasier," "Judging Amy" and 92 episodes on "As the World Turns" as Betsy Stewart or Betsy Stewart Andropoulos.

But during a lull on location at one point, she got bored and started drawing again, and it all kind of flooded back. Frost found a teacher around the time Giolito was a junior in high school and resumed painting. Through her association with Art of the Game, Frost's sports-related paintings have been featured at galleries in Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium of Anaheim and the Staples Center. Her large variety of work can be found at

“She taught me a lot directly as well as indirectly about what it takes to be successful,” Giolito said. “The work you have to put in, the dedication. It’s all stuff I observed just kind of watching her do her thing for all these years.

“The fact she transitioned at an older age, she could just retire and call it a day and kind of relax and do whatever. But she’s like, ‘You know what? I’ve had this passion since I was a kid, and my other passion has kind of run its course, I’m going to move on to this and really commit to it.’ It’s really impressive. It’s great to see, and I’m super, super proud of her.”

Mark Frost, Lindsay’s brother, is the co-creator of the television series "Twin Peaks," and another brother, Scott Frost, is a television writer and novelist. Rick Giolito also was an actor and worked in the electronic arts, while Lindsay's father, Warren Frost, played Susan’s father -- as any good "Seinfeld" fan knows -- and has 44 credits listed by IMDB.

Casey Giolito, Lucas’ brother, finished a three-year program in music and drama at the Royal Welsh Academy in Cardiff, Wales, and is beginning his acting career. For Lucas, though, the artistic bug never took hold.

Giolito's mom encouraged him to read and write as a youngster and even to write journals about his trip through the Minors, possibly to become a book someday. But as Giolito stated, he wanted to focus upon baseball.

“I mean, that kind of talent is all through my family, and I joke around that I didn’t get any of it,” Giolito said with a laugh. “It’s got to be somewhere deep down.

“My focus is completely different. It’s like what I do uses a bit of the different side of the brain. I just don’t think I’ve ever really fostered it, nurtured it, explored it. But I do like to think I’m a creative person.”

The ultimate merging of both interests would be the White Sox winning a World Series title and Frost painting a celebratory portrait, or even one of the World Series ring, for Giolito to have among the paintings she already has done of him. With Giolito's parents now residing in upstate New York and Giolito and his wife, Ariana, in Davis, Calif., Giolito and Frost have not seen each other in person since Aug. 11, 2019, when Frost watched her son strike out a career-high 13 A’s in Chicago. Frost plans to return in June with Casey, after Rick and Casey made the trip to watch Giolito in April.

There has been a great deal of video chatting and group family chats during the pandemic.

“He's very committed to not just the game, not just this team, but the business as a whole and his place in it,” Frost said of Giolito. “Doing the right thing, support people and being a good role model, all of those things. He's got a good heart and he always has. We're very proud.”

“Empathy, kindness are huge parts of kind of like my life and mantra,” Giolito said. “That’s all from my parents. I’m very thankful to grow up in an environment like that.”